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Workout and Diet- Why It’s Best to Incorporate Both for Weight Loss

Workout and Diet Go Hand-in-Hand

For a really effective weight loss program, you have to bring an effective fitness workout and diet plan together as one.  You may see limited results incorporating one and not the other, but each really feed off the other.  Here we will discuss the process of putting the top fat-burning exercises together with the top fat-burning food to put you in optimum weight loss mode.

workout and dietIf you are starting with a lot of excess weight, your first step is to get onto a  Just by changing your diet to one filled with nutritious foods and eliminating the bad stuff you might have been indulging in will in all likelihood allow you to see some weight reduction.

This is quite typical, as this burst of nutrition that your body is unfamiliar with will temporarily increase metabolism, and you will cheerfully believe you are onto something.  But probably long before you reach your weight loss objectives, you hit a wall.  This is where many people feel like the whole idea is a lost cause and give up. Your system has just made the adjustment to the change in metabolism, and you have to bring it to the next level.

A Good Workout and Diet Plan Boost Metabolism

The whole idea is to keep your metabolism revved up to full tilt, and that is where working out comes in.  A myth about dieting is you can reduce weight just by reducing calories.  Read more about why crash diets don’t work.  If you drastically drop your calories to, let’s say, 1200 a day, your system doesn’t have the fuel enough to adequately operate.  Suddenly your body’s defensive mechanisms spring into action.  It senses that you are in famine conditions, begins to store what fat it can and shuts down.  Your are not reducing fat, but perhaps muscle, and on top of it feel tired and lethargic.

A Workout and Diet Plan Will Burn Fat

workout and dietWe can change this to keep our body in high-metabolism mode.  First we keep feeding it that nutritious food that we started with, so it never thinks it has to store fat.  Then we begin an exercise program, probably starting off with something low intense.  As our stamina increases, we’ll mix in some interval aerobic work to keep us from getting bored, and to accelerate the fat burning process.  Eventually will start building lean muscle to give our body some tone and accelerate even more our metabolism.  It will take some discipline, but before long you’ll be a new person.  A personal trainer will help keeping you on track.

The Amazing Water Bottle Workout

The Amazing Water Bottle Workout

Which brings up a fallacy you may hear: as long as you eat nourishing foods, you can eat as much as you want.  For some people that may be true, especially when they’re young.  As we age we have to watch our intake.  Although every calorie is not created equal, (read our article on Unsaturated Fats vs. Saturated Fats), not many of us are equipped to handle too much of anything, even if it’s a good thing.  If, however, you consume a range of healthy foods, eat moderately, and balance your calorie intake throughout the day you will not feel hunger and still be able to lose extra fat.

The last myth we’ll talk about is that workout and diet turns extra fat to muscle.  Fat cells are not the same as muscle cells, and when you drop fat and gain muscle, your fat cells leave and  new muscle cells are developed.  Not really crucial that you know during your exercises, but just a little fun detail.


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