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What Is Margarine, and Is It As Healthy As Butter

What Is Margarine in Comparison to Butter?

When we ask what is margarine, we will look to its health benefits.  Nutrition-wise,we will point out that it just doesn’t stack up to butter.  And after reading this, we doubt you will ever want to use margarine again.  Looking at what margarine is, we can only assume we went down the margarine path because we didn’t know better.

what is margarineThe best option for keeping good eating habits when cooking will be to compare cooking oils that are available to us.  You will find olive oil as one of these staples in cooking healthy, delicious meals.  At the bottom of this piece check out an interesting video on cholesterol.

So Just What is Margarine?

what is margarine

99 Out of 100 Ants Know the Difference

The damage of margarine isn’t readily apparent, but the evidence against it is the way it is produced.  It starts with cheaper oil such as cottonseed oil, and then goes through a hydrogenation treatment.  This is where hydrogen molecules are forced into the oil molecules under extreme heat.  The catalyst that is used in this process is toxic nickel.

From there it’s bleached and deodorized, flavored artificially and tinted with a yellow dye.  So far nothing we describe will make you want to use margarine.  Some defenders of the product make the claim there is less Trans fat in soft margarine.  This is a little like defending cigarette smoking, saying it’s okay if you cut your usage back.  It may not be as bad, but any processed food should not be in our diet.

The Pluses and Minuses of Butter

Butter on the other hand has the same amount of calories as margarine.  It does have nutritional benefits, plus it helps in the absorption into the body of other nutrients.  It has gotten a rap because it is elevated levels of saturated fats. It comes from animals and will be graded lower because it isn’t derived from vegetation.  But because it is saturated fat doesn’t automatically disqualify it as a healthy food.

The Worry-free Bakery: Treats Without Oil And Butter

The Worry-free Bakery: Treats Without Oil And Butter

For instance, when consumed moderately saturated fats can help our bodies better utilize Omega-3s.  Also, current investigation suggests that the natural (not processed) Trans fat in butter can actually be healthy because of their anti-cancer components.  Finally, by utilizing organic butter, or that which has had no pesticides or antibiotics through its production, it rates very well in health benefits as opposed to hazards.

The What Is Margarine vs Butter Issue Will Persist

As more data comes in, we will probably continue to hear the debate.  Plus there is an entire industry that understandably wants to shine the best light possible on their product.  But our opinion couldn’t be clearer: there is absolutely no reason at all to use margarine.  If you use butter in moderation, especially organic, you should have no health issues.

As stated earlier, there are better alternatives when it is necessary to use oils in your cooking.  Olive oil is very healthy, and is a staple for the Mediterranean diets, and its health benefits have become more renown all the time. But bear in mind  that olive oil doesn’t hold up well to intense heat when cooking, and has high calorie content, so apply it in moderation. And also keep in mind you cannot make unhealthy foods healthy simply by adding olive oil to them.

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