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Weight Loss Motivation Tips- Five Approaches to Get Motivated

Five Ways for Weight Loss Motivation

Everyone that goes on weight control program at one time or another needs some weight loss motivation.  To just put ourselves on an exercise and diet program and mindlessly follow it probably isn’t going to give us great results; for long-term benefit we want to understand why we do something.  All of the temptations that cause us to stray from our goals will have to be overcome to keep on focus.  Here are five approaches we can take to help us to those long-term goals and reach those objectives.

weight loss motivation

The Best Weight Loss Motivation Is the One that Works for You

1.    The logical approach.  With this approach we try to reason why we do certain things to make for a healthy lifestyle. For instance, instead of just asking what foods that burn fat are, our motivation for consuming them is how they actually burn fat within the body.  We try to answer these question, since if for example you really are convinced that drinking water will help you lose weight and know why it does, you will be motivated to drink more water.

Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation For Weight Loss Maintenance

2.    The analytical approach.  Start with a plan, probably with a help of a dietician, and execute it with the help of charts and diaries.  Develop an cardio program for the exercise part of the weight loss equation with the help to plan and execute with a trainer.  Research has found that if a person keeps himself accountable by maintaining a record of progress, the chances that the goal will be met go up dramatically.

3.    The approval approach. Many people finding a buddy system works well.  This way you won’t let each other down when it comes to working out, and if it’s the right person they will praise you for small accomplishments and help you through the difficult times.  You of course will reciprocate.  Or another approach is using a personal trainer that can do the same as your buddy, only he’s a pro and will cost money.  Both work well, and are indeed necessary for some people.

4.    The overcome hunger pangs approach. First, you should not be starving yourself.  There are some who advocate occasional fasting, but generally speaking we don’t think it promotes good health.  Plus it has been shown repeatedly that it does not give you the weight loss you want. But hunger is often triggered by other factors not caused by nutritional needs.

weight loss motivation Stress for many people can cause binge eating, and there is something called preventive eating, where we store up food in anticipation of going on a diet.  It seems many of us are programmed to imagine that if our hunger isn’t satisfied it will just keep getting worse and worse.  Frequently a glass of water or something with dietary fiber such as nuts will tide you over.

5.    The rewards approach. Reward yourself occasionally with a day off from your diet for some small goal that is met, and don’t expect that your plan will ever run to perfection.  In fact, build the little goodies into your diet if you are keeping records.  And if you have a bad day, or overindulge at a wedding dinner, don’t beat yourself up about it, but get back on track the next day.  When you stay on a good diet plan and add in some aerobic workouts, your body will recover from the slip-up in no time at all.



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