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Speed Up Your Metabolism- Here Are Ten Ways Than Can

Tens Activities that Speed Up Your Metabolism

A big part of anyone’s challenge to lose weight is to be able speed up your metabolism.  It is one of the great keys to weight loss, but it’s not that easy to do.  Young people take this accelerated metabolism for granted and can eat what seems like everything in sight and not gain weight.  But as we age, our metabolism naturally slows, and if we expect to keep our weight from rising we have to get it going, often with fat-reducing exercises.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Speed Up Your Metabolism

A few factors that will affect a person’s metabolism are the quantity of lean muscles he has, stress levels, genetics, individual diet and how much physical activity you do.  Our metabolism lowers when our muscle tissue begins to decline, and when we become couch potatoes when our energy levels fade.

To Speed Up Your Metabolism As We Age Gets More Challenging

We have many recommendations on our website as to how to keep our metabolism accelerated, especially with the fat-using foods we recommend. But as we age it gets more and more challenging.  So look over these ways to get you started to speed up your metabolism:

1.    Build lean muscle tissue.  Lean muscle has a lot to do with the amount of calories we will burn, and that’s just sitting around. By building lean muscle it will be an important part in keeping our metabolism high, and that means building muscle with strength training and having a diet that’s centered in protein.

2.     Sleep more. There have been studies that show the relationship with sleep and metabolism, and it is generally known that people who sleep better have higher energy.  As we age, sleeping longer and more restfully becomes more difficult.  Aerobics have been shown to assist sleeping in a major way.

3.    Boost your water consumption.  Will drinking water help you to lose weight?  Yes, and for many reasons.  Insufficient water can trigger stress.  Since nearly all body operations require water, lacking fluids could cause your system to be less efficient, causing a drop in metabolism.  Also, water is excellent for flushing toxins and waste from your system.

Metabolism-Boosting Diet

Metabolism-Boosting Diet

4.    Eat breakfast.  Without breakfast, metabolism will slow to compensate for the lack of energy you would get out of breakfast.  The energy you get from your  favorite breakfast foods will give the body a wake-up call, and that of course gets the metabolism revved up.

5.   Eat smaller meals. We know that eating additional smaller meals, perhaps four to six a day, rather than three larger meals will keep metabolism on a higher, more even keel.  That big meal you eat at the end of the day could actually put metabolism in reversal.

6.    Don’t get stressed out.  Stress releases cortisol, which is a steroid, that decreases metabolism.  Furthermore, many people tend to eat when they are stressed, but not because of hunger.

7.    Keep away from sugar.  Sugar will cause spikes in insulin, and that will throw your body into all sorts of erratic behavior.  A major goal when putting together your diet is to keep your sugar intake low or non-existant.

8.    Spicy types of foods are good for metabolism.  Studies have shown that spicy foods will increase metabolic your rate.

9.    Green tea.  Green tea is an additional food that will stimulate metabolism.

10.    Eat energy foods.  Vegetables and fruit are energy foods, and should also be a significant part of your diet.

So as you age it is challenging but certainly not impossible to speed up your metabolism.  Diet and exercise on a long-term basis will certainly help us reach these goals, but we must be motivated enough to see it through.


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