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Intense Cardio Routines to Take the Weight Off the Fastest

Intense Cardio Routines vs. Low Intensity Cardio

Intense cardio routinesWhen we speak of cardio workouts, we can break them down into intense cardio routines and low intensity cardio.  When we do aerobics for weight loss, typically we will find more benefit in high intensity cardio, but for our total workout package as we will point out both will have their place.   Cardiovascular training when done in conjunction to a good diet is a sure way to lose weight if done on a consistent basis.

First, let’s define the two.  Intense cardiovascular routines will raise the heart rate by 75% or more, burning more Calories quicker, and some studies suggest will cause calorie burn to last well after your workout time is over.  Low intensity workouts will only raise the heart rate by about 50%.

Intense Aerobic Routines Take Off the Weight

When we opt for weight reduction, we will lean toward intense cardio.  With these we should be able to burn about 14 calories a minute, about twice as much as normal low intensity work.  But as mentioned earlier, these workouts have been found to burn up the calories hours after your workouts are over.    The time efficiency of the workout routines will be obvious, because you won’t be spending as much time at the fitness center to get more done, and then you will continue to reap the rewards when your watching a movie.  See the video at the bottom for more on how you can monitor heart rate.

Low Intensity Aerobics Provide Additional Benefits

intense cardio routinesBut there certainly is a place for low intensity cardio.  First of all, not everyone is physically able to partake in high intensity workouts, especially for a lengthy period of time.  Let’s say you have certain health conditions, are just starting working out, or for those getting a little older low intensity might be what you should be doing. In time, perhaps you can start introducing more intense routines into your regimen.

If our heart rate is going to determine the intensity of the cardio workout, we will have to know our targets.  Most of the workout equipment you’ll find in fitness centers will have the capability measuring your heart rate as you work.  If you are running or don’t have equipment that can monitor heart rate, our ad on the side of this article will tell you how to get one at a good price.

Here is a basic formula for determining where your heart rate should be.  First, subtract your age from the number 220, or for women 226.  Provided, then, that you are a 40 year old male, the number is 180.  For the lower side of the objective heart rate zone, multiply by 0.6.

intense cardio routines

Cardio Burn Sculpt

In our example, the low end of your target heart rate zone would be 108.  For the high end, multiply the 180 figure by 0.9 to arrive with a heart rate of 162.

A more accurate method of determining these figures for workouts will be the Karvonen Formula, which would require you to enter your resting heart rate.

Finally, provided you can, try to keep the exercises fairly brief (20 to 30 minutes) and about three to four times weekly should do the trick.  Our article on interval cardio training will give you some more information on the topic.




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