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High Carb Foods- Why You Should Keep Them Under Control

Diets With High Carb Foods Won’t Work

If you are looking to lose weight, a diet loaded with high carb foods and low fat is probably not going to work for you, and you will probably gain weight.  The argument for high carbohydrate diets seems to be a backlash against low carb diets such as the Atkins Diet, popular in the 1970s. We don’t think these low carbohydrate diets are the answer, either.  The fact is, as is the case with most things we consume in our diet, there are happy mediums for everything.  More of a good thing isn’t better.

high carb foods

Low Carb Food Pyramid

Lately there seems to be a school of thought that carbs are the good guys of nutrition.  Athletes in heavy endurance training might be able to get away with eating lots of high carbohydrate foods, but when most of us devour breads, pasta and cereals in mass quantities, we are probably going to gain weight.  Just because you cut back on fats, if your diet consist of 75% of carbohydrates to total calories you won’t lose weight.

What Happens When You Eat Carbohydrates

It is true that fat calories can be easily converted into body fat, but calories from carbs (as well as protein) can also be transformed into fat if these calories are not used.  If you load up on carbohydrates, any extra that you don’t use will be converted into glycogen, which is stored in the liver and muscles, or fatty acids, which is stored as body fat.

So what happens to these carbohydrates when you start downing them in mass quantities?  Initially, glycogen is sent to the muscles for growth and repair, and also to the liver to keep your organs to function properly.  This is not that much; a couple of cups of pasta, maybe.  After that, most everything is surplus, and the body has to do something with it.

The body sends more insulin into the bloodstream in response to this increase in glucose in the blood, and off to long-term storage it goes, also known as fat.  Now carbohydrates are fat-free, and since you are on a fat-free diet you should be losing weight, but sadly you’re gaining weight.  And to make things even worse, because your rising insulin levels are telling the body to store more fat, it won’t release the fat you already have in storage.  So that high carb foods diet is adding unwanted pounds.

Why Do You Get Hungry Right After a High Carb Meal?

Nutribase Guide To Carbohydrates Calories And Fat

Nutribase Guide To Carbohydrates Calories And Fat

Have you asked yourself why you get hungry two hours following a high carbohydrate meal?  It’s that crazy uncle insulin again.  Insulin’s job is to lower blood sugar levels.  When that is done, and blood sugar is again low, then cravings for sweets usually start. When you don’t satisfy those cravings, your mood goes south and you have no energy.  And during this time you think you should be burning stored fat, but you’re pretty much going into hibernation.

So the answer to why those high carb foods aren’t working is because they do not moderate your response to insulin.  By eliminating the intake of refined sugars and keeping carbohydrates a moderate part of your diet, about 40%, you can avoid those disastrous insulin spikes.  Normally, non-carbohydrate foods, that is high in proteins and the so-called good fats, tend not to set off insulin.  Also, natural fiber should be added to the diet to minimize the insulin response.

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High Carb Foods

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