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Healthy Cooking Oils- How do the Best Stand Up to Heat

Comparing the Benefits of Healthy Cooking Oils

Healthy Cooking Oils

Is there such a thing as healthy cooking oils, or are they by nature unhealthy, but necessary evils that we must use  in order to make a dinner?  Or similar to the majority of foods are there options which will put health into your diet.  We all know that there are wise choices as well as some especially bad ones.  But even with the best choices, moderation is in order.

While choosing which cooking oils to cook with, probably the most important thing to consider will be how stable will it be to heat.  Oils which are unstable when exposed to high temperature and light stand as most prone to oxidation and free radical production.  These are the most inflammatory within our bodies, and can be the trigger of many of our internal problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many degenerative ailments.

The cooking oils we often use that have the greatest instability with high temperature: polyunsaturated fats, which are prevalent in most vegetable oils.

Oils that Have Polyunsaturated Fat Are Not Healthy Cooking Oils

It gets puzzling since you can find healthy foods which have polyunsaturated fat, such as nuts and seeds, so why is it okay to eat them?  The differentiation is as long as they have not been exposed to high heat and therefore have avoided oxidation they are not harmful.  In the case of vegetable oils like cottonseed, safflower, grape seed as well as corn oils, they’ve as a rule been refined with processing.  Effectively these are inflammatory prior to cooking with them, and so the cooking process does even more damage.

When we look for the cooking oil that is the most beneficial for us, we’ll look for those that possess the most stability when heated.  The most unstable will be the polyunsaturated, the most stable will be the saturated, and monounsaturated in between.  In creating our list, then, we will look for those which are composed of natural saturated fats they being the least reactive to heat and light and will be the least inflammatory inside the system when used in cooking.

These Are the Healthy Cooking Oils (and Butter) to Prepare Meals With

The Worry-free Bakery: Treats Without Oil And Butter

The Worry-free Bakery: Treats Without Oil And Butter

1.    Genuine butter.  Julia Child was right: cooking using butter will be the way to go.  Utilize grass fed butter whenever possible.  And by all means, this does NOT involve margarine.  If you want to learn more concerning this dreaded foodWhat Is Margarine will tell you all you want to know.

2.    Tropical oils.  Coconut and palm oils are both excellent healthy cooking oils, since they have very little polyunsaturated and will be predominantly natural saturated fats.  Its major advantage, though, is lauric acid, which helps us battle many damaging viruses and bacteria.

3.    Extra virgin olive oil.  Since it is mostly monounsaturated, it’s considered moderately stable.  But most dieticians would counsel using it only for cooking with reduced temps.  It has a distinct taste and has plenty of heart healthy elements, plus it has a long storage life.  Read our article What Is Mediterranean Food will provide a look at its many uses.

Remember  that if you are watching you calories, all oils, even the top end-rated ones, are heavy in calories.  Cooking with oil or technically oil substitutes make food taste enhanced, and when you select wisely is not going to be destructive to your health, but always use in moderation.  A great tip: try cast iron cooking to reduce your amount of cooking oil drastically and for even greater health advantages.


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