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Healthiest Foods that You Probably Don’t Eat Now

Foods Not Well-Known that Have Huge Health Benefits

We tend to  talk a lot concerning so-labeled “superfoods”, and if you are eating a healthy diet you probably will be previously packing them with your food intake.  Foods such as bananas, turkey, almonds, broccoli and salmon are a part of these, and a well-rounded diet of those plus other foods that burn fat will have a healthy effect on your body.  But here we will talk about the healthiest foods that you probably don’t eat now that you should eat on a regular basis.  We would like to illustrate seven of these, and the benefits.

7 of the Healthiest Foods that You Probably Don’t Eat Now

1.    Kefir.  Everyone knows of the benefits of yogurt, and this will be yogurt in a glass.  Its beneficial probiotics will assist your immune system, plus an 8-ounce serving will give you 29% of your daily calcium.  You’ll find it in the dairy section and it comes in plain for fewer calories and less sugar.

2.    Oatmeal.  Containing four grams of soluble fiber per cup, this superfood can drop your LDL cholesterol by 5% with consuming only a couple of cups per day.  In addition, as they are “slow-release” carbohydrates they do not spike insulin ranges, therefore not signaling your body to store fat.  As a result, the Journal of Nutrition maintains that eating such “slow-release” carbs when eaten three hours before a workout may cause you to burn more fat.

3.    Sardines.  Similar to salmon, they’re an excellent source of omega-3 fat, and they are rich with vitamin D.  Their biggest benefit will be since they are smaller and lower on the food chain, they will not include the toxins that salmon, mackerel and a few of the bigger fish might contain.

4.    Pomegranate.  Among the better foods you will get for anti-oxidant benefit.  They literally clean up those free radicals which damage tissues and contribute to chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  Have a go with seeds of the pomegranate, as a half cup is going to only have 72 calories but four grams of fiber.

quinoa- before and after cooking

5.    Lentils. Wonderful in soup, they are also versatile for adding to many recipes for dinner, plus they are very cheap.  A half-cup of cooked lentils contains over nine grams of protein along with eight grams of dietary fiber.  Furthermore, they are a large source of folate and iron.

6.    Kale.  Until the Middle Ages came to a close, the leafy green vegetable was one of the most common green vegetable in all of Europe.  Today it doesn’t have such extensive notoriety, but it ought to. Like broccoli, it contains sulforaphane, a chemical with potent anti-cancer properties.  Additionally it is one of the highest sources of vitamin A, heart-healthy fiber, and also a cup contains almost as much vitamin C as just one orange.

7.    Quinoa.  The delicately flavored whole grain first harvested by the Incas in South America is loaded with protein and fiber.  Quinoa grain is generally cooked much like rice and can be used in a wide variety of dishes.  Research has shown that the combination of fiber and protein contains an additional benefit of making you feel filled for an extended time period, consequently reducing caloric intake.



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