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Food and Spices- Things to Know Concerning What Spices Work With Foods

Things to Know When Pairing Food and Spices

It is probably safe to say that most of us who live in western civilization have not had a great deal of cultural experience on pairing food and spices.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy spices in our food, but much of the flavorful and healthy spices we enjoy come from eastern cultures.  In London, the ethnicity is very diverse, and we are able to experience foods first hand from around the world.  Many British people will call Indian restaurants their favorite places to eat, and fortunately these foods are very healthy and fit right in with a

Some Things to Know Prior to Cooking Food and Spices

food and spices

Some of the things you should keep in mind when purchasing spices:

  •     Try grinding your spices.  As with coffee, shelf life decreases when in ground form.
  •     Toasting spices before grinding gives them optimum flavor.
  •     Store in airtight containers out of direct sunlight.
  •     Buy in small quantities, as they are best used within three months of purchase.
  •     By from an ethnic supplier rather than the supermarket

Mediterranean Diet Is Brilliant at Pairing Food and Spices

Important components of the foods in the Mediterranean diet are herbs and spices, and some of the most important are:

Capers.  They are the pickled buds from a shrub native to this area.  These are utilized with salads and sauces, as well as occasionally with lamb.
Basil.  One more of the important spices in Mediterranean cooking, it goes wonderful with cheeses, tomatoes and peppers.
Rosemary.  Used mostly in dishes with meats, particularly lamb or roast chicken, it too combines extremely well with garlic.
Sage.  It’s got a powerful, distinctive taste and will be used mostly in the company of meat, however use this cautiously.
Pepper.  There are several kinds, although black peppercorns have the boldest flavor.
Saffron.  Used through the Mediterranean but harvested predominantly within Northern Spain, in France it is used with fish stews, in Spain in the company of chicken and rice, and in Italy within risottos.

GarlicUtilized whole, sliced or crushed, it is often used in long slow-cooked foods, or raw in salads and sauces.
Mixed together with garlic, or as a garnish for tomato and rice dishes.

The Spicy Food Lover''s Bible

The Spicy Food Lover”s Bible

Some of the things to remember when combining food and spices, along with herbs are never to overwhelm the food with spices.  It is there to enhance the natural flavors of foods, not be the main course.  Another thought is to never use two very strong herbs or spices together, but match one strong and one mild flavor to compliment the dish.

When adding spices to hot food dishes, allow them to come together gradually by cooking the food at a slower rate.  Chili always tastes better when it has been allowed to blend with the spices over a longer period of time.  For cold dishes, add them to the food early in the process to give them time to intermingle with the food.

Because dry herbs and spices carry more taste than fresh, in recipes the ratios become one part powder will amount to three parts dried and eight parts fresh.  When you are doubling a recipe, do not double the amount of spice or herb, but use only 50% more.  As you have most likely noticed, we always aim to answer the query:  How can we utilize foods from the Mediterranean?  Regarding their health advantages and being a joy to consume, we think food and spices are worth promoting.


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