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Fat Burning Foods- the Cornerstone of Your Weight Loss Diet

Fat Burning Foods- They Help You Lose Weight

Adding fat burning foods to your diet will help increase your metabolic rate, which will have the effect of burning fat away.  Some of the characteristics of these types of foods are that they will be high in vitamin C, fiber and protein.  Adding these foods to your eating plan would mean basing your diet on vegetables and fruits, lean meat and fish, and other foods that have small amounts of sugar and carbohydrates and use fats that are unsaturated as much as possible.  These negative calorie foods are a major part of the diet from the Mediterranean.

fat burning foods

Fat Burning Foods

Are There Really Such a Thing as Fat Burning Foods?

It may just be a matter of semantics to call them fat burning foods, but the important thing is they generally have fewer calories.  If we can keep our bodies metabolism revved up with a diet and exercise program, the fat will come off.  That is really what a  diet that burns fat is all about.  So call them fat burning foods or any other name you wish, they are the foundation of what will lead to weight loss.

Back in the 1970s we heard a lot about sugar being our diet’s major enemy.  In time, fat became the culprit, but now there is more talk of sugar again, and for good reason. When sugar is consumed, insulin is released, and those sugars become glucose and are absorbed in the cells of the body.  This is vital for us to function.  Insulin is necessary, and without it the cells would starve, we would lose energy, and we couldn’t grow and regenerate.

Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life

Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life

Our cells are enclosed by a casing that protects them, and oxygen can pass through this membrane rather easily. But bigger molecules like glucose must be assisted by insulin. So to permit insulin to accomplish its task, we must give our bodies the fat burning foods that keep insulin from spiking.  When we have insulin spikes, it sets off reactions in our body that are not healthy.

So the way fat burning foods work is to keep our insulin ranges from drastic fluctuations, but at the same time does not stop our body from functioning. Keeping the metabolism elevated is as key as keeping sugar levels in check. That is why some of the qualities of these foods that burn fat are those which are high in fiber and protein.

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Foods that are abundant in fiber prevent rapid changes in blood sugar, and as a result suppress cravings, which can destroy diet plans. Protein intake is helpful as part of the fat burning foods diet, but it should be low in fat, as protein consumes calories when it is digested.

This will enhance metabolism for a longer period of time.  Foods that are elevated in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, when coupled with a well-rounded diet and exercise program, will lead to weight loss without going through starvation rituals that we have been taught was the only way.

Up-to-the-minute weight reduction methods which are according to long-term approaches aren’t determined by will power, but awareness power. Altering the way in which you eat, with less stress on how much you eat will go much farther in losing fat than compulsively counting calories or fat grams.


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