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Fat Burning Cardio Workouts- How Can We Make them Burn Fat

Fat Burning Aerobic Workouts to Burn Fat

How can we best optimize fat burning cardio workouts into our exercise routines for burning fat?  The situation becomes more confusing when we hear ads saying that cardio workouts are all you need for fat loss, and other opinions bring up their shortcomings, even saying they are ineffective.

Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

As with most arguments that you shouldn’t listen to, both have a small bit of truth.  Cardio workouts are extremely beneficial for losing weight, although they are no panacea.  Without a  healtheybalanceddiet, you will see limited results, so finding the right foods for your diet are vital.  A great place to start is the right diet.

So How Can Fat Loss Cardio Workouts Aid in Body Fat Loss?

First, let’s break down cardio exercises into basic categories. We use the term “aerobic workouts”, and literally it means “with air”.  These include workouts where there is oxygen continuously going to the muscle. Examples include bike riding, walking or running.

Anaerobic, meaning without air, through one part of the work out the muscle  operate without air. Sprinting and weightlifting for develop muscle that is lean would be examples of these types of exercises. You might ask (I did) how sprinting can be anaerobic, but it is.  An interesting piece on 6 Second Sprints-Aerobic or Anaerobic examines it further.  The tests described there point out that as a person does more sprints, the exercise becomes more aerobic.

Cardiovascular exercise refers to exercising the heart. Although there may be a variation of intensity, with some cardio being more intense, we use the terms “cardio” and “aerobic” as basically the same.

What Constitutes Great Fat Burning Cardiovascular Workouts?

fat burning cardio workoutsThe top fat burning cardio workouts for fat loss are the high intensity variety that you do for shorter duration. Depending on the individual, three to four times a week using thirty minute sessions will be sufficient for most people. The reasons we advocate these intense routines is because it has some calorie burning gain after you’re finished, as higher metabolism will be maintained for some period of time.

This isn’t to say there is no place for exercises of lower intensity.  Diversity should always be part of your workouts, and this longer, more systematic training can build up endurance.  But for our discussion here we will concentrate on the benefits of high-intensity training.

High Intensity, Shorter Duration is the Best Cardio

Another point to make for high intensity training is to be sure to keep them brief. The objective is intensity, not length of time.  Everyone has different stamina levels, but if anyone knows they don’t have to pace themselves through a long workout, they’ll be able to put more into it.

The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Cardio Max Weight-Loss

The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Cardio Max Weight-Loss

These high intensity workouts are meant to be demanding, so you should be prepared for a rigorous workout.  If you are not in great physical shape, get an okay from your doctor before beginning.  Utilize a trainer to get started, and be aware of how to warm up.  And finally, down lots of water.

If you are over 60 and just starting out, which is great, don’t think you’re 25 again.  You are never too old to start, as there are people that get into training that are truly elderly that have rolled back the years. But you must be sensible about it.  Exhibit some patience, and although you have probably set goals as to where you want to be, take it easy.  The whole process is a journey, not a destination.




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