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Diet Cheat Day- Every Long-Term Diet Should Have a Few

Take an Occasional Diet Cheat Day

We would like to lay some ground rules for those necessary diet cheat days that everyone needs to effectively maintain a long-term diet.  These temporary and well thought out respites from a diet are necessary, and should be planned.  To stay on a  plan that can be maintained for the course of their lives should be everyone’s goal, but we have to plan for all contingencies.

diet cheat dayFor most people, to effectively keep a plan on course requires some flexibility.  When you are not allowed to deviate from your diet agenda, when the inevitable happens and you do have a misstep, the guilt caused may lead to making an excuse to dump the diet, thinking the diet is a lost cause.

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Making the Most of Your Cheat Day

  1. Always exhibit portion control.  Pre-portion what you are going to use as your indulgence food that day, and put the rest in a hard-to-find location.  This will obviously require some discipline.
  2. Make this time an event.    Don’t just mindlessly wolf it down, but rather make it a happening.  Savor that moment of indulgence.
  3.  Avoid those foods you can’t stop eating.  Everybody has those pig-out foods that you can’t stop eating once you start.  They often are foods that spike our insulin levels. So don’t tempt yourself by having these foods around.   Find an alternative that is healthier and lower-calorie that you fall in love with as a replacement for that non-healthy food.  For me it’s nuts that are good for your health, and when you eat these in moderation they are good for you, just not in mass quantities.  Foods like this can bring on thirst, which will cause you to drink water.   That in turn has a filling affect, causing you to eat less.
  4. After your indulgence quickly return to basics.  It’s vital to get back to on track as quickly as you can.  When you consume sugar and fat, you’re cravings for these foods will increase, so don’t beat yourself up about it but just move on. A key factor to think about is the body is designed to deal with small emergencies without long-term stress.  It is only when there is too much consumption of these unhealthy foods that issues begin.
  5. Substitute small calorie indulgences for high calorie indulgences.  Instead of treating yourself to a candy bar or other high-calorie junk food you crave, predetermine that your fun food will be less than 10% of total calories that you take in.  For instance, set aside a 100 calorie chocolate bar to be eaten at a predetermined time.
  6. Eat smaller meals more often.  Dietitians state that by eating more often but smaller meals throughout he day will keep blood sugar levels more constant.

Be Consistent With a Program You Can Live With, and a Diet Cheat Day is Okay

When getting started on your weight loss program, find one that fits long-term, combine it with an exercise program that fits your time-frame and fitness level, and don’t be afraid to occasionally treat yourself.  There are several  meal delivery plans that we recommend (please check this website, so check them out to help find one that works for you. This also includes building in a diet cheat day that you can keep within your guidelines that will help you toward your weight loss goals.


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