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Fat Burner Supplements- Why the Industry Is Out to Misinform Us

Considerations When Buying Fat Burner Supplements

Each year we pay out more on weight loss products and other fat burner supplements, and yearly not just in the United States but from everywhere in the world individuals are becoming heavier.  According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in 1992 Americans spent an estimated $30 billion on all weight loss tools, including diet foods and drinks.  In 2007 the estimated size of the weight loss market within the U.S. rose to $55 billion, and more recent estimates have placed it more than $60 billion.  It has more than doubled inside 20 years.

But fitness problems as a result of overweight continue rising.  In America it is believed that more than 60% of adults are now overweight, and 30% will be thought obese.  The fitness industry is flourishing, yet our problems with overweight grow each day.  We surely aren’t getting much bang for the buck as it comes to our investment in weight reduction products.  So what is the problem with weight loss products and other fat burner supplements at this point?

The Fat Burner Supplements Products Are Not Meant to Enlighten

There’re several reasons for this, but we are going to address three, and unfortunately all three involve illusory procedures by many purveyors of these so-called useful fat burner supplements:

1.    Information about the merchandise isn’t written to inform, but to sell.
2.    Advertisers of many of the products make up unrealistic guarantees.
3.    Many unscrupulous advertisers will be happy that individuals continue to be overweight provided they keep chasing the “lose weight” fantasy.

The Food and Drug Administration has had some success in banning dishonest marketers, but also  one can find some products which are almost worthless which are still within the market.  One success story is the circumstances for guar gum.  It is a water-soluble water-soluble fiber which in the late 1980s was used and also strongly promoted in several weight reduction items.  After one brand caused at least ten people to become hospitalized, and one fatality, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recalled the product as a result of findings of blockage of the esophagus from insufficient consumption of fluids.

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements

Essentials of Sports Nutrition and Supplements

Guar gum can not be purchased without perscription.  Furthermore, upon further analysis it was found that the majority of the claims for the merchandise had been substantially exaggerated.  It was established not to reduce excess weight, and their advantages for high fiber can be obtained considerably more safely with foods rich in fiber.

This isn’t intended as being an expose on guar gum, only illustrate with case in point that you will find numerous items in the market that a case might be made for the good health advantages.  But with most of the label ingredients you might almost have to have a pharmacist’s degree to understand what these actually stand for.

Instead of Fat Burner Supplements, Opt for Diet and Exercise

Then there are items that upon all the testing and analysis will offer some benefit.  One of these we’ve written on relates to the whey protein.  It also can leave a few negative effects, but primarily through overuse.  But it does not as one of the advantages state that it’ll straightforwardly cause weight reduction.  The point is, nobody has in truth discovered the straightforward, one-step solution to slimming down.  So when you really wish to get rid of excess fat, invest in a pair of excellent running shoes and get a membership at the health club.  Learn everything you can regarding diet, and spend your money on instruction rather than quick-fix cures.


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Tips for Eating Healthy When in a Hurry or Under Stress

4 Stress-Free Tips for Eating Healthy

Tips for eating healthy, and by that we mean consuming a well-rounded diet which ticks off all of the nutritional boxes, is much easier if the circumstances are ideal.  When you are able to select the things you want at the grocery store, prepare it the way you know will be good for your health, and dish up in portion sizes that will maintain your correct intake of calories where it should be, all you will need will be restraint.  It becomes a lot more difficult when your circumstances can’t be as controlled, such as when you’re rushing through an airport or going to restaurants.

Tips for Eating Healthy in Four Places of Stress

Frequently anxiety can play a major role in abandoning the diet, at least momentarily, and for many people that means eating whatever will be available.  Some of the places your diet may certainly be taxed are the following:

1.    In the car.  Until you get there, there’s no place to go and you’re staring at a drive-thru every 100 feet.  Bananas will always be good, even though you have to remember to eat them before they get old.  Along with that bottled water you are always going to take with you, it will be filling and good for your health.  One more idea will be a whole wheat English muffin together with some nut butter or organic peanut butter.  That ought to keep you satisfied for at least a couple of hours.

2.    At the airport.  This will be the spot where you will be the most stressed, bored, or even both in the same time.  And then you’re further restricted with what you can actually carry.  I observe so many people busy reading or listening to music or maybe watching a movie video or audio book.  It is in fact a good idea as it takes the mind off your boredom or stress.  If you absolutely have to have some food to keep you going, there will always be fruit alternatives instead of carbohydrate-laden foods or sugar.

Guide to Healthy Fast-Food Eating, 2nd ed.

Guide to Healthy Fast-Food Eating, 2nd ed.

3.    Restaurants.  It’s not easy, as our article on restaurant eating attests. There are times when you really have to be hands-on and request the staff to prepare your meal in a healthier for you way.  Generally it’s a matter of choosing the right restaurant in the first place.  More eating places are getting increasingly aware to healthier portion sizes and ways food is arranged.  In certain cases such as New York City, laws have thankfully ended Trans-fats in food.

4.    At home.  Tips for eating healthy at home start at breakfast, as in the morning insufficient time as well as stress will play a part with poor eating habits.  Breakfast is the primary meal during the day, and if you rely on stress to jump-start your day you are without doubt heading down the incorrect path.  Low-fat yogurt and fruit requires just a minute for preparation, and when you do not even have a minute you can get it ready the night before.  Other choices are hard or soft-boiled eggs shelled the night before and 100% whole grain toast with peanut or almond butter.

It isn’t ideal but you really can eat healthy when you’re in such a hurry.  One of the key tips for eating healthy is preparation, and if you will always be prepared you won’t ever be caught in those situations where you need to compromise your diet.


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Spot Weight Reduction

The Explanations Behind the Myth of Spot Weight Reduction

Not often will we find an individual, even if they have a fantastic body, who is totally pleased with every area.  Everyone has one or two trouble spots, whether it’s hips, flabby arms, love handles, or of course that place that so many of people fight, the stomach fat.  If we could just target all of our efforts into that area, we would all be happy as clams.  Sorry to say, it can’t be done.  Spot weight reduction is just a fantasy.

As hard as devious marketers attempt to persuade us that with their “revolutionary” new product it is possible to systematically nip and tuck anywhere you target, it cannot be done.  Now to make clear, we are talking about spot reducing, not spot enlarging.  It is certainly possible to build muscle in a specific area by working that area.  You can even build up one arm and not another by just working the one (even though it might look rather bizarre). But if those muscle groups remain concealed by a layer of fat, peeling off that layer is a fool’s errand.

Only Diet, Exercise and Long-term Commitment Will Make It Happen

Losing fat within a certain region is like draining a tub of water and wishing for only one side to drain.  Taking weight off calls for a total workout and diet plan, and if done correctly nature will take it off wherever it feels like losing it.  In time, all the excess fat that you wish to lose is going to finally be shed.  However it really requires a long-term commitment to make it happen, because ultimately achieving those six-pack abs is going to just last provided you commit to maintaining them.

So let’s say you’ve got just a little paunch and are going all out for those six-packs.  You’ve been told that you make it happen by doing 500 crunches a day, but following numerous days of work nothing seems to be happening.  The fact is, you could well be building up muscles, however it’s covered with a fat layer.  And before those muscles appear, you’ll have to work off the unwanted fat.

Those crunches which you have been doing so industriously are possibly making a few inroads, but on a very minor basis.  This will be since when you are removing extra fat, it is done on a more integrated system of fat reduction over the whole body.  If all you are doing is crunches, you will probably give up long before your six-packs make an emergence.

Here’s the Approach You Should Take

Here would be a more reliable line of attack:  take off the extra fat first having a good diet program.  This is certainly the optimum way to lose fat, and it will come off not as you dictate but by nature’s way.  Only once you have fulfilled those necessities are you able to focus on the abdominal muscles to build those six-packs.

Within our technology-driven world, our bodies in spite of everything function how they have for numerous generations: by nature.  To make our bodies do what we want it to do, we have to be grounded in what it has been designed to do throughout evolution.  A consistent diet plan, regular exercise and a whole lot of patience is the one way we are going to be able to look and feel at our best.






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Reading Food Labels

Guidelines to Reading Food Labels to Help You Stay Healthy

Reading Food Labels

The nutritional information label is mandatory on nearly all packaged food and beverages by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  The best way to manage the quantity of nutrients you consume, lacking starting on a meal delivery program that does the job for you, is to get proficient in reading food labels.  Unless you know what you’re looking for, they may as well be in a language foreign to you.  There is really a lot of information there, but it is obviously worthless if you do not know what it means.

A Label’s Four Categories

A label may be broken to four separate categories.  We are going to discuss each one individually.

1.    Serving size.  They are listed in standard measurements such as cups.  For simplicity of assessment, like foods will have similar serving sizes.  Additionally, you will find the number of servings in the entire package, and the varied nutrients will be broken out for each serving.  One must always recognize from a nutritional standpoint how many servings you consume; should you consume two servings, double the amount of calories or other nutrients.  And those portion sizes may seem unreasonably small.

2.    Calories.  They are listed as the amount in one portion of food, and also will show the quantity of calories from fat.  When the percentage of every day value will be in the label, it is going to be based around the daily quantity of 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for males.  This is particularly helpful for comparing similar products, and they will often have very different calorie-per-serving quantities.

3.    Nutrients area.  Minimally a manufacturer be obliged to list all fat, including trans and saturated fat, total carbohydrates, calcium, protein, sugars, sodium, cholesterol, dietary fiber and iron.  This will all be established on one serving, and is going to be based over a percentage of what you ought to be eating.  This will not include the evil stuff like trans fat, which you mustn’t be consuming at all.

Unfortunately but for these little clues the labels won’t inform you what will be bad for you, and what you should be getting more of.  You will simply be aware of pure facts, but it is going to be up to you to act.  But again, it does make for simple product comparisons.

4.    Footnote.  At the foot of the sticker it’s going to tell you the proportion of the daily value based on a 2000 or 2500 calorie per day diet.  If there’s room within the product label there might be a list of selected nutrients and the values for both calorie-sized diets.

Remember that such totals for every day calories remain just reference points, and might not have a direct relationship with how many calories you should actually consume.  The age you happen to be, the amount you exercise, and if you are attempting to lose weight and so reduce your calorie consumption will have a influence.  One has to understand if there will be items with their particular diet that they’re lacking in, or need to reduce, such as sodium.  In such cases you’ll need to keep the diet well below these percentages.

All of it can be quite complicated, so take a look at our website on to uncover further information on diet and exercise.



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Acupuncture for Weight Loss- Here’s How it Works

Acupuncture for Weight Loss Can Work for You

Squeeze yourself into a tiny white bikini. Show off your chiseled abs on the beach by showing off lean muscle. If you are looking for alternative and non-invasive ways to get ready for summer, then consider using acupuncture for weight loss. Even if the connection between needles and weight loss boggles the mind for most people, this is a mainstream treatment in the Chinese culture.

For a long time the Chinese have been using acupuncture as a way to cure sickness and various ailments in the body. If you are not sure if this is the right weight loss approach for you, here is a brief rundown of how a typical consultation with an acupuncturist goes and an overview of acupuncture in general.

The Concept of Qi or Chi in Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture Pen Acupen E-Pen Therapy w/ Cream

Acupuncture Pen Acupen E-Pen Therapy w/ Cream

The Chinese believe in the concept of qi or chi, which is life energy that flows through the body. Throughout a person’s existence, his chi may get imbalanced, leading to sickness. When it comes to weight, it is said the Chinese believe that it is the digestive system that has energy obstructions. Even if Western medicine is still skeptical about acupuncture for weight management, the sheer number of people who say that it has helped them is a testament to its resounding success.

How Is How Acupuncture for Weight Loss Works

Acupuncture for weight loss is more than just needles. Because the goal is to balance the digestive system, the acupuncturist may prescribe a series of breathing exercises, herbal teas, and diet modifications. Just like getting a check-up, you will have to undergo some tests so the acupuncturist can figure out what is wrong with you.

Most of the time, the consultation for weight loss acupuncture involves interviewing you about your diet and your relationship with food. He will check your pulse for the general state of your qi, and will try to zero in on problems relating to your stomach. Your mouth will also be inspected for cracking, peeling, and abnormal white or yellow coating. When he is done with all of this, he can then write up a treatment protocol for weight loss.



Depending on how fast you want to lose weight, you will be asked to come in for weekly or twice weekly sessions, which may involve pushing needles in different parts of your body. If you are afraid of needles, do not worry because you will only feel a slight numbing or tingling sensation during the treatment.

The doctor will also talk to you about pressure points that you should be squeezing or pinching throughout the day. Not just that, you may also be asked to drink some herbal medicine or tea. Lastly, you will also be asked to watch what you eat and do some exercise.

Remember that acupuncture for weight loss treatment will not miraculously make you drop a jeans size overnight. It is not a quick-fix solution, and you will need to follow the aerobic exercise and dietary recommendations of the acupuncturist if you really want to lose weight. Stick it to it faithfully, and acupuncture for weight management will make you look your absolute best any time of the year.


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Achieving Weight Loss- Here Are a Few Factors to Consider

Some Factors for Achieving Weight Loss

For achieving weight loss, everyone could use just a little improvement sometimes. Hypnotherapy is something to consider. Check out a hypnotist and this could help you drop weight. Regardless how odd it may sound, a hypnotist can supply you with the tools you need to make essential changes in lifestyle.

It may be tough to find out the perfect combination that is useful for you. In the following article, there are several established weight loss tips which may have helped men and women like you shed weight. Consider them and you may find that tip that makes all the difference.

Something Small by Using a Smaller Plate for Achieving Weight Loss

Feng''s Way: To Permanent Weight Loss for Adults and Children: Breakthrough in Natural Weight Loss

To Permanent Weight Loss for Adults and Children

By using a smaller sized meal plate will help you to lower your consumption. Research indicates the dimension isn’t relevant with regards to the fact that we eat precisely what is on our plates. A smaller sized amount will truly feel every bit as enjoyable as a large size portion.

If you chew sugarless gum, it can help make your weight loss regimen very effective. The flavor of your gum combined with chewing it lets you help to suppress cravings. Be careful not to chew too frequently, though.

Consider avoiding whole milk and dairy products to find out if this affects your unwanted weight. You can find instances where some have developed lactose intolerance to whole milk allergy and do not know it. This may trigger gaining weight and bloating.

Giving nutrition labels careful going-over will help you in your weight loss initiatives. Give specific attention to your calorie intake for each serving. Nevertheless, remember that food packages often have over 1 serving, therefore it is essential to keep track of the total number of servings you eat.

For Achieving Weight Loss, Do a Before-and-After Shot

At the outset of your weight loss program, take a snapshot of your “prior to” self. Look at it often and it will motivate you to work harder to obtain your primary goal. Then look at it and see just how far you’ve come. You can use them as an excellent means of motivation.

If you hunger for dessert, try eating a light-weight, airy slice of angel food cake. Many cravings don’t just go away when you overlook them. Angel food cake is light-weight and airy. They likewise have much fewer calorie content than a number of other sorts of cakes.

Diet plans that guarantee quick weight loss might seem helpful. But if you are intent on shedding pounds, you should avoid fad diets. Diet plans, like eating only cabbage broth, bananas or pineapple, can be intriguing in the beginning, but it really will easily become dull. They likewise have the problem of not genuinely training you healthful eating styles that will become life long practices. It’s better to select a practical healtheybalanceddiet that improves your diet through your life.

When you really need to discover far more about facts described during this guide, you might want to click on Hypnotherapy.


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Diet Facts

Correcting Some General Diet Myths with Diet Facts

There are so many myths relating to diet that you could most likely author a book if you planned to cover them all.  Some could possibly be called controversial or not necessarily based on some factual information, and some others are pretty clearly old wives tales but have established some acceptance in certain circles.  I would like to cover a few in this article, and perhaps shed some light on a few diet facts that if followed through on might in fact be harmful to your physical condition.

A Few Myths, and a Few Diet Facts

1.    All calories are identical.  The line of reasoning is that weight reduction is a issue of straightforward math.  Which is, should you consume 500 calories less daily in fat, carbohydrates or protein, or whatever blend of them all than your body burns off, in a week’s time you can lose 3500 calories.  This will equate to a single pound of weight.  This sounds logical, but not accurate.

The three types of foods mentioned above are by definition equal in energy content, but they’re processed in the body in vastly dissimilar ways.  Such differences will produce very different results in managing weight.  Furthermore, some calories tend to be more filling and keep your hunger satisfied for an extended period of time, and others are going to leave you starving very quickly, forcing you to add more calories to the body for satisfying that appetite.

2.    Working out with an empty stomach enhances fat burning.  This is not productive for dropping fat, it could be downright harmful for your system.  A recent report concluded that during a drill one’s body will lose an equivalent amount of fat, be it on an empty stomach or in case you have eaten.  The issue, other than making a workout really unpleasant, will be that without the food to fuel your system, your exercise intensity and thus the quantity of calories you lose is going to be lower.  It is always preferable to eat about half hour prior to a workout.  See workout nutrition for more information for the best types of foods to eat for working out.

3.    Eating fat can make you fat.  It wasn’t long ago that fat had been the adversary, so of course people tried to get their fat intake to zero.  Too much fat will cause you to be fat, and the wrong kinds of fat can give you all kinds of health problems in time.  However eating the right varieties of fat will cause you to feel fuller for a longer time, and they’re going to assist with the absorption of healthy vitamins.  Seek omega-3s, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, although not in massive amounts.

4.    Eating late will make you put on weight.  Although it wouldn’t be prudent to gorge yourself before going to bed, there are no conclusive studies which say eating late at night will make you  put fat on more rapidly.  The truth is, starving yourself may cause you to consume the wrong sorts of food later.

5.    It is harder for women to get rid of weight.  Research has shown that, over the long term, men and women using the same controlled diet lose weight in equal proportions over time.  It is accurate that men, because of greater muscle mass and fewer hormonal changes, demonstrate weight loss quicker.  After that initial burst it evens out.



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6 Ways to Control Appetite

Six Ways to Control Appetite Every Day

Whatever way we can cut down our portion sizes and control appetite is really a way to calorie reduction, and thus provides us a greater shot at losing body fat.  It seems like it may be a losing battle, since from the moment we grow hungry, the body sends out ghrelin, the hunger hormone to make us eat.  Science informs us that our stomach is not naturally programmed to be anti-diet, but when it senses that food is in short supply it’s programmed to get us to eat.  The goal will be to deceive it to believing the situation is not so dire.

A Few Psychological things We Can Through in for Weight Control

1.    Don’t see the things you want to eat.  For much of the world food is so prevalent that it is readily available to us on a continual basis.  Usually these are not fruits and vegetables we keep around, but unhealthy snack items which are much easier to pick up and devour when we feel hunger pangs rolling in.  Accordingly if we keep those things in places that are not convenient or never in the house at all, we are more likely to turn to anything that becomes accessible.  Make that a banana, apple or additional fruit, or whatever your favorite healthy snack item is.

2.    Eat more lean protein.  We all know that it keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time, as it takes longer to absorb and digest.  But a recent study also discovered that it keeps you satisfied longer if consumed at an earlier time during the day.  Consequently, always plan for lean protein to be included into breakfast.

3.    Include more fiber to your diet.  Like protein, fiber is one more healthy filler food.  Vegetables and whole grains remain excellent sources, as will be several more we discuss on our website.

4.    Whenever you eat, keep your focus on your food.  Studies have revealed that people eat more if they unconsciously devour it, rather than taking time to appreciate it.  We have probably all had the familiarity eating mass quantities of popcorn while watching a movie, and we wonder when we were done where all the popcorn went.  Be aware of the things you eat.

5.    Smelling specific foods.  This will seem surprising, because we always believed that smelling foods triggers our hunger.  However a study found the smell of certain foods results in appetite lessening, and by surprisingly large amounts.  The test used peppermint scent every two hours, and folks involved consumed an average of 2700 calories a week less than normal.  Other scents which have similar effects are green apple, banana and vanilla.

6.    Dine with chopsticks.  It makes you eat slower, and it has been found that you can save roughly 70 calories by eating a meal in one-half hour versus ten minutes.  Personally, if I ate using chopsticks all the time I would hardly eat any food.

These is just a few of your ways to trick yourself into cutting your craving.  Some of them are just part of a healthy eating plan, and others are possibly out-there somewhat.  But if something works for you personally, what difference will  it make if it’s out-of-the-box thinking.  Test them and see if they help.

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Habits Interfere with Your Diet

Habits Interfere with Your Diet when they’re Wrong

When it comes to dieting there are several challenges that want to prevent you from succeeding. One of those is your habits. Habits interfere with your diet when they are the wrong habits, and these bad habits will destroy your weight loss goals. You can absolutely break your habits if you want too!

Habits are a good thing as long as they help you reach your goals. Unfortunately in many areas of life you may have developed some habits that do not benefit you. Since we are dealing with dieting and weight loss here we will focus on habits that make it more difficult to reach your dieting goals.

Bad Habits Start with Inactivity

Maybe you can identify with this habit – watching TV or movies for hours. That just does not help you build up muscle but instead leads to lose of muscle. Muscle loss further slows your body’s metabolism which reduces your bodies ability to burn fat.  Now do you just sit there or do you eat while you watch. You know the munchies, something to keep your fingers busy and your jaw a chewing! Yea, well that is another habit that does not lead to further weight loss.

You likely have other habits that will limit your fat loss goals also. If you stop and think about it for a few moments you can probably put your finger on at least one or two more areas that your habits control. Even if you do not identify with the above habits think about your own – yes you do have them – be honest with yourself.

It’s Hard to Maintain that Drive Toward Your Goals

These types of habits are major road blocks when it comes to losing weight. When you start the diet you have some initial will power and you do okay for a short period of time. But sooner then you desire the habits are back at work causing problems.  To be honest with you this is probably the biggest reason diets fail. Yes diets usually fail because of you! Ouch, the truth hurts sometimes, but be honest with yourself it is the main reason for your diet failings.

The biggest challenge is finding a system that can help you achieve your goals but even beyond that you may find that you need help with bigger issues like making mental changes that can lead to new habits.  A great diet you can follow for quick weight loss is a calorie shifting diet. It is a strange diet but if you want results that is what it offers. You can also learn about beating your habits at lose 15 pounds fast.

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A Little Overweight Might Not Be So Bad

A Little Overweight Might Not Be So Bad

In a analysis reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association recently, being a little overweight actually may lessen the risk of dying early.  The study does show what we’ve all assumed: that obesity does indeed increase the chance of premature death.  But a smaller risk by just being a bit heavy does go counter to the accepted wisdom generally held that risk of death is directly proportional to the amount a person will be overweight.

The study was performed on information out of 97 separate studies of almost three million people living in the US, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, China in addition to Brazil.  The body mass index, or BMI, that is known as a measurement for body fat accounting for weight and height, was a  significant component which the researchers studied.  The report in particular found that obese people had an 18% greater possibility as opposed to those who are of normal weight, but people who were considered heavy but not obese had a 6% reduced risk of death as opposed to the normal weight base.

Here Are a Few Reasons for this Phenomenon

1.    Heavier people could believe they are more in danger, so they are more apt to have regular checkups and therefore address health issues promptly.
2.    Some fat may actually be cardio protective for many folks.
3.    Some people who are heavier might have better resiliency and so are better able to deal with strain to the system as it takes place.

It is important to note that this investigation didn’t discover a cause-and-effect relationship linking a person’s weight and risk of premature death.  Body weight alone is not a predictor of death risk.  Beyond body mass index are such issues as smoking, overall fitness, cholesterol, history in the family in addition to mental health, which all play huge rolls in premature death.  We should think of our body mass index as simply a parameter, as the problems surrounding premature death can be intricate.

Moreover, the investigation merely looks at death, and not persistent medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke and cardiac risk factors, cancer threat, gall bladder disease and fatty liver.  Any one of these by themselves may not be killers, at the very least not in the short term, although over time could, and possibly will cause health issues.  This report only accounts for mortality caused directly through being overweight.

The Real Question Might be: What Really Is being Overweight?

Then what does the investigation all mean?  Initially, and most obvious, is that being obese is unquestionably a hazardous health condition.  It must be avoided at all costs.  Then, maybe we must look at what overweight actually is.  Provided being heavy by our present standards of body mass index does not present a clear health risk, maybe we should take a different look at what we identify as normal.

Finally, as with every study this generalizes about individuals, and even though there are several similarities, everybody is a little unlike.  For one individual to carry some surplus weight there could never be any health issues at all.  Then for other people, even just a little excess weight could trigger problems.  Plus of course as we move into different stages of our lives, what was once not an issue suddenly rears its ugly head.  We find the best advice is to be familiar with your own body, stay informed, and always be proactive to providing the best for your long-term well-being.

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