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Diet Cheat Day- Every Long-Term Diet Should Have a Few

Take an Occasional Diet Cheat Day

We would like to lay some ground rules for those necessary diet cheat days that everyone needs to effectively maintain a long-term diet.  These temporary and well thought out respites from a diet are necessary, and should be planned.  To stay on a  plan that can be maintained for the course of their lives should be everyone’s goal, but we have to plan for all contingencies.

diet cheat dayFor most people, to effectively keep a plan on course requires some flexibility.  When you are not allowed to deviate from your diet agenda, when the inevitable happens and you do have a misstep, the guilt caused may lead to making an excuse to dump the diet, thinking the diet is a lost cause.

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Dr. Tooshi”s High Fiber Diet

Making the Most of Your Cheat Day

  1. Always exhibit portion control.  Pre-portion what you are going to use as your indulgence food that day, and put the rest in a hard-to-find location.  This will obviously require some discipline.
  2. Make this time an event.    Don’t just mindlessly wolf it down, but rather make it a happening.  Savor that moment of indulgence.
  3.  Avoid those foods you can’t stop eating.  Everybody has those pig-out foods that you can’t stop eating once you start.  They often are foods that spike our insulin levels. So don’t tempt yourself by having these foods around.   Find an alternative that is healthier and lower-calorie that you fall in love with as a replacement for that non-healthy food.  For me it’s nuts that are good for your health, and when you eat these in moderation they are good for you, just not in mass quantities.  Foods like this can bring on thirst, which will cause you to drink water.   That in turn has a filling affect, causing you to eat less.
  4. After your indulgence quickly return to basics.  It’s vital to get back to on track as quickly as you can.  When you consume sugar and fat, you’re cravings for these foods will increase, so don’t beat yourself up about it but just move on. A key factor to think about is the body is designed to deal with small emergencies without long-term stress.  It is only when there is too much consumption of these unhealthy foods that issues begin.
  5. Substitute small calorie indulgences for high calorie indulgences.  Instead of treating yourself to a candy bar or other high-calorie junk food you crave, predetermine that your fun food will be less than 10% of total calories that you take in.  For instance, set aside a 100 calorie chocolate bar to be eaten at a predetermined time.
  6. Eat smaller meals more often.  Dietitians state that by eating more often but smaller meals throughout he day will keep blood sugar levels more constant.

Be Consistent With a Program You Can Live With, and a Diet Cheat Day is Okay

When getting started on your weight loss program, find one that fits long-term, combine it with an exercise program that fits your time-frame and fitness level, and don’t be afraid to occasionally treat yourself.  There are several  meal delivery plans that we recommend (please check this website, so check them out to help find one that works for you. This also includes building in a diet cheat day that you can keep within your guidelines that will help you toward your weight loss goals.


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Weight Loss Motivation Tips- Five Approaches to Get Motivated

Five Ways for Weight Loss Motivation

Everyone that goes on weight control program at one time or another needs some weight loss motivation.  To just put ourselves on an exercise and diet program and mindlessly follow it probably isn’t going to give us great results; for long-term benefit we want to understand why we do something.  All of the temptations that cause us to stray from our goals will have to be overcome to keep on focus.  Here are five approaches we can take to help us to those long-term goals and reach those objectives.

weight loss motivation

The Best Weight Loss Motivation Is the One that Works for You

1.    The logical approach.  With this approach we try to reason why we do certain things to make for a healthy lifestyle. For instance, instead of just asking what foods that burn fat are, our motivation for consuming them is how they actually burn fat within the body.  We try to answer these question, since if for example you really are convinced that drinking water will help you lose weight and know why it does, you will be motivated to drink more water.

Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation For Weight Loss Maintenance

2.    The analytical approach.  Start with a plan, probably with a help of a dietician, and execute it with the help of charts and diaries.  Develop an cardio program for the exercise part of the weight loss equation with the help to plan and execute with a trainer.  Research has found that if a person keeps himself accountable by maintaining a record of progress, the chances that the goal will be met go up dramatically.

3.    The approval approach. Many people finding a buddy system works well.  This way you won’t let each other down when it comes to working out, and if it’s the right person they will praise you for small accomplishments and help you through the difficult times.  You of course will reciprocate.  Or another approach is using a personal trainer that can do the same as your buddy, only he’s a pro and will cost money.  Both work well, and are indeed necessary for some people.

4.    The overcome hunger pangs approach. First, you should not be starving yourself.  There are some who advocate occasional fasting, but generally speaking we don’t think it promotes good health.  Plus it has been shown repeatedly that it does not give you the weight loss you want. But hunger is often triggered by other factors not caused by nutritional needs.

weight loss motivation Stress for many people can cause binge eating, and there is something called preventive eating, where we store up food in anticipation of going on a diet.  It seems many of us are programmed to imagine that if our hunger isn’t satisfied it will just keep getting worse and worse.  Frequently a glass of water or something with dietary fiber such as nuts will tide you over.

5.    The rewards approach. Reward yourself occasionally with a day off from your diet for some small goal that is met, and don’t expect that your plan will ever run to perfection.  In fact, build the little goodies into your diet if you are keeping records.  And if you have a bad day, or overindulge at a wedding dinner, don’t beat yourself up about it, but get back on track the next day.  When you stay on a good diet plan and add in some aerobic workouts, your body will recover from the slip-up in no time at all.



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Workout and Diet- Why It’s Best to Incorporate Both for Weight Loss

Workout and Diet Go Hand-in-Hand

For a really effective weight loss program, you have to bring an effective fitness workout and diet plan together as one.  You may see limited results incorporating one and not the other, but each really feed off the other.  Here we will discuss the process of putting the top fat-burning exercises together with the top fat-burning food to put you in optimum weight loss mode.

workout and dietIf you are starting with a lot of excess weight, your first step is to get onto a  Just by changing your diet to one filled with nutritious foods and eliminating the bad stuff you might have been indulging in will in all likelihood allow you to see some weight reduction.

This is quite typical, as this burst of nutrition that your body is unfamiliar with will temporarily increase metabolism, and you will cheerfully believe you are onto something.  But probably long before you reach your weight loss objectives, you hit a wall.  This is where many people feel like the whole idea is a lost cause and give up. Your system has just made the adjustment to the change in metabolism, and you have to bring it to the next level.

A Good Workout and Diet Plan Boost Metabolism

The whole idea is to keep your metabolism revved up to full tilt, and that is where working out comes in.  A myth about dieting is you can reduce weight just by reducing calories.  Read more about why crash diets don’t work.  If you drastically drop your calories to, let’s say, 1200 a day, your system doesn’t have the fuel enough to adequately operate.  Suddenly your body’s defensive mechanisms spring into action.  It senses that you are in famine conditions, begins to store what fat it can and shuts down.  Your are not reducing fat, but perhaps muscle, and on top of it feel tired and lethargic.

A Workout and Diet Plan Will Burn Fat

workout and dietWe can change this to keep our body in high-metabolism mode.  First we keep feeding it that nutritious food that we started with, so it never thinks it has to store fat.  Then we begin an exercise program, probably starting off with something low intense.  As our stamina increases, we’ll mix in some interval aerobic work to keep us from getting bored, and to accelerate the fat burning process.  Eventually will start building lean muscle to give our body some tone and accelerate even more our metabolism.  It will take some discipline, but before long you’ll be a new person.  A personal trainer will help keeping you on track.

The Amazing Water Bottle Workout

The Amazing Water Bottle Workout

Which brings up a fallacy you may hear: as long as you eat nourishing foods, you can eat as much as you want.  For some people that may be true, especially when they’re young.  As we age we have to watch our intake.  Although every calorie is not created equal, (read our article on Unsaturated Fats vs. Saturated Fats), not many of us are equipped to handle too much of anything, even if it’s a good thing.  If, however, you consume a range of healthy foods, eat moderately, and balance your calorie intake throughout the day you will not feel hunger and still be able to lose extra fat.

The last myth we’ll talk about is that workout and diet turns extra fat to muscle.  Fat cells are not the same as muscle cells, and when you drop fat and gain muscle, your fat cells leave and  new muscle cells are developed.  Not really crucial that you know during your exercises, but just a little fun detail.


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Recommended Caloric Intake- How Many Should You Safely Consume

Calories Are the Energy that Drives the Engine

Is there a set number of calories we should be taking every day?  The quick answer is that the calories you should be consuming are based on several factors.  Your recommended caloric intake will be determined by things such as your age, how much physical activity you do, the hormonal activity of your body, climate conditions, along with medications you are taking.

recommended caloric intake

A Very Basic Recommended Caloric Intake

When you go to determine your calorie intake, your target will not be a stationary line, but will depend on quite a few variables.  The one we have the most control over is how much physical activity we will do which will increase the metabolism.  Below we will discuss how the whole process works inside the body.

What Should Your Recommended Caloric Intake Be

A calorie is the energy taken to raise the temperature of a gram of water one degree Celsius.  The key word is “energy”, and our body will use it just like a car needs gasoline.  So obviously we need calories to survive, and when we begin calorie-slashing diet plans, we are only putting ourselves in harm’s way.

Generally speaking, adults will require a minimum of 1000-1400 calories just to survive with resting metabolism.  This fluctuates by age, sex, weight and muscle mass.  If you are at all active, you can add 400-600 calories.  By the way, a registered dietician can tell you how many calories you will need.  If you want to lose weight, your calorie intake will have to be lower than what you burn, but for health purposes only by a little.

Keep Your Recommended Caloric Intake Slightly Less than that Burned

Why can’t you go into starvation mode and expect to lose weight?  Even if we were that desperate to lose weight, our fat loss would be minimal.  If we keep our caloric intake way below our resting metabolic rate for a long time, the body goes into survival mode and starts to use stored nutrients, some from vital organs.  When you are at that point, you are in grave danger of organ collapse.  Fat is not expended, because the body sees itself in famine mode and stores everything it can.

When you begin adding the nutrients back, you put back the weight and probably more.  Most of the actual loss of weight during this severe fast period was in muscle, and muscle cells and fat cells are not the same.  For all the sacrifice, you have no net gain. As you begin to add the missing energy back into your diet, the weight will go back on, as well as extra weight.  Therefore long-term, all the sacrifice nets you zilch.

Good Calories, Bad Calories

Good Calories, Bad Calories

This is of course only part of the weight loss equation.  Another is the fact that all calories are not created equal, and although by definition they are, a bowl of ice cream with the same number of calories as a salad does not equate nutritionally.  Another issue is the effect certain foods have on insulin production.  Sugar can spike sudden increases in our insulin production, throwing our system totally out of balance.  This nasty drug we label sugar isn’t the only bad guy here, as processed carbohydrates can bring on a similar result.

Remember, calories are not the enemy; we can’t live without them.  But maintaining the correct balance by eating a nutritional diet that does not overdo the calories, in other words staying with a good diet and exercise program will keep the recommended caloric intake where you want it to be.  Read more on our site www.


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Eating Healthy at Restaurants- 10 Tips that Can Truly Help

Ten Ways for Eating Healthy at Restaurants

One of the most difficult times to adhere to a diet, or just keeping on a proper eating schedule is when you try eating healthy at restaurants.  That is the time we lose control over portion sizes, the ingredients that go into the meals we eat and the way those meals are prepared.  It has been found that the average steak found in an American restaurant is 144% larger than recommended by the US government.

A dinner out may easily add up to 1000 calories, and that’s not including appetizers and desserts.  Some of these desserts may comprise a large percentage of your  recommend calories you’re allowed during a day.  Keeping on a healtheybalanceddiet will require special effort when eating in restaurants.

eating health at restaurants

Some of Our Eating Healthy at Restaurants Ideas

These are a few ideas to eat a little healthier when you’re eating out:

1.   Listen to your body.  When you are full, stop eating and never gorge.  Take the leftovers home and consider it two meals for the price of one.

2.   Use water as your beverage.  You will actually enjoy it more than soda or other unhealthy drinks once you get used to it, and when you have an alcoholic beverage drink to parts water to one part alcohol.  If you need more, drink tea or coffeeDrinking water does help you lose weight, too.

3.    If you order a pasta dish, have one with a tomato-based sauce rather than a cream-based sauce.  Tomato based obviously are vegetable based, and will have less calories and fat.  Cream-based soups likewise will be higher in fat.  If you do select the healthiest soup it should be an excellent, low calorie starter.

4.   When you order grilled vegetables or fish, ask that they be grilled without oil or butter, or minimally in reduced quantities.

Restaurant Basics: Why Guests Don''t Come Back...& What You Can Do about It

Restaurant Basics: Why Guests Don”t Come Back…& What You Can Do about It

5.   To use salad dressing and other sauces in smaller quantities, have them served in a separate bowl so you can use your own portion control.  I know people who dip their fork into the dressing, then eat their salad with that small amount of dressing on their fork.  They hardly use any dressing at all.

6.  Better options for whole grain foods are whole wheat breads and brown rice.  And be sure to go easy on the butter and oil.

7.   When you order a baked potato, a better option than sour cream and butter is salsa.  It has fewer calories and still adds plenty of pizazz to your potato.  In addition, a baked potato is better than French fries, and steamed vegetables are better than any of them.

8.    Preparing food which is baked, broiled, poached, steamed, or grilled will be significantly better than the fat-based cooking methods which are used in many eating places.  These are typically healthier and lower in calories.

9.   Try bypassing the main course and go with a couple of appetizers or maybe soup and salad.  It could be just as filling and be much less than food than adding a main course, and should cost less as well.

10.    If you opt for a dessert, order something that has berries and other fruit.  If you can agree with your dining partner to split a dessert you will be consuming half the calories.

You Don’t Have to Lose the Dining Experience When Eating Healthy at Restaurants

You will need a little extra control to not blow your great eating regimen you’ve got yourself on when eating out.  It’s always fun to try new and interesting restaurants, and you don’t have to do it at the expense of your good health.  But sorry to say most dining establishments aren’t there to help us in our battle unless we ask for their help.  Another excellent option are delivery plans that can give you healthy prepared meals on a daily basis and let the dietitians sort through the calories.


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Calculate Caloric Intake- Use this Easy to Calculate Formula

How to Calculate Your Daily Intake of Calories

As you get into counting calories, knowing how you can calculate caloric intake will allow you to better determine your goal.  This is only a general target that takes into account gender, height, weight, age, and general activity levels.  It can give you a good benchmark for where your caloric intake should be.  In a related article, you’ll find out that calories are not bad, but actually are the fuel that drives the engine.  The idea is to burn them off, which is why we put such an emphasis on our metabolic rate.

This points out the importance of physical fitness workouts, as someone who is physically active will have a much higher calorie benchmark than those who live a sedentary lifestyle, no matter what the other factors are. But before getting into the calculate caloric intake  formula, let’s take a look at what a calorie is and some of the foods that make up calorie consumption.

The definition of a calorie is the energy taken to raise the temperature of a gram of water one degree Celsius.  When you take in those calories that are in the form of fats, carbohydrates, proteins that supply energy for your body.  It will take 3500 calories to turn into one pound of overall body mass.  But different food in the same serving sizes could have major differences in the way they effect your body.  For instance:calculate caloric intake

  •   A gram of protein contains four calories.
  •   A gram of carbohydrate contains four calories.
  •   A gram of fat contains nine calories.
  •   A gram of alcohol contains seven calories.
  •   A gram of dietary fiber contains three calories.
  •   A gram of water contains no calories.

When You Calculate Caloric Intake, Eating Habits Play a Huge Part

Also there are a number of fat-burning foods, so putting these particular foods in your diet are important.  This will give you a very broad look at the number of calories we should be consuming to keep our weight at a stable level.  A man 5 feet 10 inches weighing 174 pounds who does light to moderate physical activity requires approximately 2900 calories each day.  The typical woman who is 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 138 pounds will require 2200 calories daily.  But remember there are many different variables which enter into the equation, so use this only as a general guideline.

The Formula to Calculate Caloric Intake, Use the BMR

Diet And Health, With Key To The Calories

Diet And Health, With Key To The Calories

The formula most commonly used for measuring caloric needs is based on age, gender, weight and height. This is the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) formula.  An important factor it does not take into consideration will be lean body size.  Therefore, its accuracy will not be as great for people who are very muscular, which will give underestimated calories, or extremely overweight, where calories will be overstated.

Here are the formulas:

Women:  BMR = 655 + (4.35 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)
Men: BMR = 66 + (6.23 x weight in pounds) + (12.7 x height in inches) – (6.8 x age in year)
After that, add in your activity amount using the next:

  • Sedentary:   BMR x 20%
  • Light action:   BMR x 30%
  • Moderately vigorous (exercising in excess of three days weekly):  BMR x 40%
  • Very active (working out intensely on a daily basis):  BMR x 50%
  • Extremely active (hard manual labor or athletic training program):  BMR x 60%

This figure will be your number of calories you may consume on a daily basis to maintain your weight.  Remember this is a number, and not in any way a complete guide to what your diet should be. All calories are not the same.  As we show in the article unsaturated fats, their may be similarities in calorie content in unsaturated fats and trans-fats, however they are going to react in your body in entirely different ways when you consume them.  Read more on our home page


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How to Cut Weight- 6 Things Not to Do to Trim Down

How to Cut Weight by Changing How You Eat

How to cut weight requires varying the way you eat, which calls for breaking previous habits.   And moving from previous habits necessitates willingness to take on a brand new course.  Leaving your comfort zone and attempting something new isn’t always easy, no matter how rational it might feel.

One way to get out of your comfort zone is to realize that where you are now isn’t as comfortable as it seems, and moving in a different direction will not be only sensible, but also emotion-driven.  And emotions for many folks provide better motivation than logic.

Providing the motivation for a diet you can live with by varying the way you eat, like anything, requires information.  Being educated on the types of foods which are good as well as never good for us demands a little research.  Then with time we incorporate new eating behavior into our routine which will provide us an improved, healthier way of life.  We will to start out now by blowing up several myths concerning proper diet and the way to change the way we eat.

When Learning How to Cut Weight, Here Is What NOT to Do

1.    Skipping  breakfast.  Those who miss breakfast are statistically likely for being fatter, perhaps because they tend to be more liable to have unhealthy munchies mid-morning to spice up their energy levels.  Your body requires fuel as quickly as viable, because of this most dietitians maintain that breakfast is the primary meal of the day.

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

2.    Exercising on an empty stomach.  Would you imagine your vehicle traveling a long way without any fuel?  Then how would you expect your system to work lacking feeding it.  However, you state, if I don’t feed it then it will begin using all the spare fat.  If only it were that simple.  Your body under stress is going to pull nutrients from wherever it can, and that includes heart, liver along with additional organs.  That is definitely not how to cut weight, and is heading in a direction you don’t need to go.  Check this page to find some of the best muscle-gaining foods.

3.    Not providing your system enough calories.  Although losing weight entails calories, losing weight too fast is not prudent.  Aiming for one or two pounds weekly is how to cut weight, as you are sure then to get enough calories to maintain efficient body function.  It is spot on that crash diets are not at all good for your health.  Learn how to count your calories on this page.

4.    Relying on energy bars and energy drinks.  Generally they are not risky, unless you start counting on them for nourishment.  Rather stick with a variety of fruits and vegetables, since they are loaded of vitamins, minerals, fluids and fiber.

5.    Eliminating the carbs.  I’ve written about the reasons carbohydrates do not work, however that definitely doesn’t mean you do not want some carbohydrates.  They are essential to your muscles and storing energy, only definitely not with the amounts the majority of people consume.

6.    Some soda and juice is satisfactory.  Juice which includes added sugar and soda seriously isn’t good for you and is not how to cut weight.  Back in the 1970s we heard a great deal concerning the damage sugar will do to us; then fingers started to point to fat as the root of all evils.  More recently the main focus has moved back to sugar, with valid cause.  It’s a drug you are better served to keep out of the system as much as possible.  Water is your answer, and is cheap and plentiful in the majority of the world.  Get accustomed to drinking plenty of it.

Changing how you eat is definitely a great step in the direction of how to cut weight.  Develop new habits of eating, and it’ll pay dividends for the remainder of your existence.


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I Cant Lose Weight- 7 Ways That Say You Can

7 Factor to Never Let You Say: I Cant Lose Weight

I cant lose weight!  With obesity becoming a world-wide challenge, many people around the world are saying that in frustration.  It is predicted obesity will achieve rampant stages within the United States before the year 2020, and will probably happen on our present pace.  Even though it is well understood by most people the reasons for being overweight, the issue takes on a sort of “catch-22″ dilemma.

The heavier a person becomes the more apt we are to develop an inactive way of life.  That will make us gain more weight.  So we’ve two options:  provided you aren’t yet overweight, do everything in your power never to get there, and if you do get there, take it a day at a time to get to back in shape.

First, remember that quick diets involving diet drinks along with pills do not work, and if they do the weight loss will only be passing.  It will be better to rely on a healthy weight reduction choice which will provide lifetime consequences. You will have to set reasonable objectives and never expect to lose a lot of weight with a short span of time.

Seven Answers to the Problem: I Cant Lose Weight

Listed here are some recommendations on how you can lose your surplus weight the healthy way:

1.    Never starve yourself. We believe that a key to weight loss is: don’t diet.  Most people when they think of a diet, they think of eating healthy for a set point of time.  Visualize your “diet” as the way you will eat over the rest of your life, all the time adding new items which are healthy for you and removing foods, even if they’re among your favorites, when they will not add nutritional importance.  Understanding all about the Mediterranean diet will be one move toward a healthy lifestyle eating plan.

2.    Set an objective as to how much you wish to lose.  Keep your objectives realistic. For the long term, it will be impracticable for you to lose 40 pounds in only two weeks. Employ a mindset that you want to eat a nourishing diet and stay vigorous for the rest of your life. After you have decided on a weight loss plan or program, follow it.

The Little Book of Big Ideas to Eat Smart and Lose Weight

The Little Book of Big Ideas to Eat Smart and Lose Weight

3.    Consume a wholesome, nutritious breakfast.  It is the most essential meal of the day.  Make sure it’s always consume the a healthy breakfast to jump-start the metabolism.

4.    Eat meals which are smaller, and eat more frequently, as opposed to three sizable hearty meals.  This will  elevate your metabolism and burn energy faster.  When the body has to deal with smaller quantities throughout a day instead of massive overload two times during the day, it’ll obviously work more effectively.

5.    Additional water, reduced sugar.  Will  drinking water drop weight?  Water is the key weapon to losing weight and keeping it off.  The natural sugars that you will get in fruit will make it needless to add sugar in your diet.

6.    Mind the fats you eat.  You require fat to remain alive, however the right kind of fat.  Salmon, tuna and mackerel, in addition to walnuts have omega-3 fats, and they are outstanding.  Knowing your fats plus their correct intake is one more key to slimming down in a healthful manner.

7.    Finally, exercise.  Even an excellent eating routine is going to have a limit.  There are literally dozens of methods to take small measures in your everyday life to add exercise, such as taking the steps instead of the elevator, therefore do them at every chance.  Going into the gym and hiring a trainer will be money well spent, and possibly save you in health expenses later on.

You do not need a Spartan lifestyle to lose weight; just reasonable steps a little bit at a time.  It should be everyone’s objective not to be included in the growing obesity statistics.


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Shopping Smart for Healthier Eating and Easier Cooking

Using These Easy Tips for Shopping Smart

Shopping Smart for a Healthier Lifestyle

We always advocate consuming meals that are home-based when possible, and shopping smart makes this easier.  When eating at home it much simpler to control what you eat and the portions you serve.  In our article on healthier eating when dining out, we show approaches that could swing the odds somewhat in your favor for healthy eating, but sometimes you simply have to ask for it and often when you’re having a night out you just don’t want to be bothered.  But I know speaking for myself if I am gone from home for a couple of weeks just a few pounds always seems to be added.

So dining in your own home, either using a meals delivered to your home or by preparing your own meals we think this is the way to go.  So here we will recommend several tips on ways to make your shopping smart purchasing experience healthier and quicker.

Shopping Smart Involves Knowing the Little Helpful Things

1.    Vegetables.  Pre-cut newly picked vegetables or frozen vegetables may reduce time, but could cost slightly more.  Forget about those which come in chemical preservatives and salt solutions that will not be nearly as good for your health.  Pre-washed bags containing salads may also cost a little more, however the time savings plus lowered waste factor and greater variety offered will probably greater than make up the cost.

2.    Other vegetable and fruit ideas.  Ripened produce is better to purchase, as it cooks faster and adds more taste.  How do you know if it’s ripe?  Use your nose.  If you can not smell anything, you won’t taste anything.

3.    Smell the fresh fish and meat.  Meat should have a clean smell, definitely not similar to something foreign.  Shellfish and fish must smell like the open ocean, and never a foul odor of, well “dead fish”.  In addition, use smaller, less fatty cuts of chops, fillets and cutlets which start out tender and cook promptly.

4.    Garlic, ginger and also additional spices.  Containers of peeled garlic cloves and chopped ginger, to name only a couple, are as good for your health and reduce time in preparation.

A Theory Of Grocery Shopping

A Theory Of Grocery Shopping

5.    Buying in bulk sometimes costs extra.  There is generally a discount buying in bigger amounts, but it also means you have to cope with the excesses.  Buying sufficiently for three meals means lack of variety within your eating plan, which leads to boredom, and that leads to dining away from home more.  Shopping smart means it is not a savings in cost when you wind up throwing away a portion of what you just purchased.  Smart shopping is about wise shopping, and that is calculating the gap between convenience and cost.

6.    Choose convenience items with care.  Canned broths, tomato sauces as well as other added components can also be loaded with salt and hydrogenated fat, as a result scan the labels thoroughly.

7.    Take into consideration the small ingredients within your pantry.  When you go to make that quick and healthy dinner, but you are missing that one small, but key ingredient, it’s surely the ticket to abandon eating at home and head for the restaurant.  You generally don’t think about those items which you only acquire once every few months that last nearly forever, so if you are not keen on making lists, position the “getting low” item in a separate spot to prompt you when you have to restock.

Occasionally eating meals which are good for your health and efficient preparing those meals go hand-in-hand.  Some planning without being penny wise and pound foolish is going to provide the answers for shopping smart.


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Speed Up Your Metabolism- Here Are Ten Ways Than Can

Tens Activities that Speed Up Your Metabolism

A big part of anyone’s challenge to lose weight is to be able speed up your metabolism.  It is one of the great keys to weight loss, but it’s not that easy to do.  Young people take this accelerated metabolism for granted and can eat what seems like everything in sight and not gain weight.  But as we age, our metabolism naturally slows, and if we expect to keep our weight from rising we have to get it going, often with fat-reducing exercises.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Speed Up Your Metabolism

A few factors that will affect a person’s metabolism are the quantity of lean muscles he has, stress levels, genetics, individual diet and how much physical activity you do.  Our metabolism lowers when our muscle tissue begins to decline, and when we become couch potatoes when our energy levels fade.

To Speed Up Your Metabolism As We Age Gets More Challenging

We have many recommendations on our website as to how to keep our metabolism accelerated, especially with the fat-using foods we recommend. But as we age it gets more and more challenging.  So look over these ways to get you started to speed up your metabolism:

1.    Build lean muscle tissue.  Lean muscle has a lot to do with the amount of calories we will burn, and that’s just sitting around. By building lean muscle it will be an important part in keeping our metabolism high, and that means building muscle with strength training and having a diet that’s centered in protein.

2.     Sleep more. There have been studies that show the relationship with sleep and metabolism, and it is generally known that people who sleep better have higher energy.  As we age, sleeping longer and more restfully becomes more difficult.  Aerobics have been shown to assist sleeping in a major way.

3.    Boost your water consumption.  Will drinking water help you to lose weight?  Yes, and for many reasons.  Insufficient water can trigger stress.  Since nearly all body operations require water, lacking fluids could cause your system to be less efficient, causing a drop in metabolism.  Also, water is excellent for flushing toxins and waste from your system.

Metabolism-Boosting Diet

Metabolism-Boosting Diet

4.    Eat breakfast.  Without breakfast, metabolism will slow to compensate for the lack of energy you would get out of breakfast.  The energy you get from your  favorite breakfast foods will give the body a wake-up call, and that of course gets the metabolism revved up.

5.   Eat smaller meals. We know that eating additional smaller meals, perhaps four to six a day, rather than three larger meals will keep metabolism on a higher, more even keel.  That big meal you eat at the end of the day could actually put metabolism in reversal.

6.    Don’t get stressed out.  Stress releases cortisol, which is a steroid, that decreases metabolism.  Furthermore, many people tend to eat when they are stressed, but not because of hunger.

7.    Keep away from sugar.  Sugar will cause spikes in insulin, and that will throw your body into all sorts of erratic behavior.  A major goal when putting together your diet is to keep your sugar intake low or non-existant.

8.    Spicy types of foods are good for metabolism.  Studies have shown that spicy foods will increase metabolic your rate.

9.    Green tea.  Green tea is an additional food that will stimulate metabolism.

10.    Eat energy foods.  Vegetables and fruit are energy foods, and should also be a significant part of your diet.

So as you age it is challenging but certainly not impossible to speed up your metabolism.  Diet and exercise on a long-term basis will certainly help us reach these goals, but we must be motivated enough to see it through.


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