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Salmon Nutritional Facts- Is Farm-Raised Good for You

Salmon Nutritional Facts

When we look into the salmon nutritional facts and compare farm- raised salmon and wild salmon, we find some interesting facts.  Salmon in its natural state is a high source of protein, and includes each of the basic amino acids.  It provides vitamins B6, B2, A and D, plus iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.  It has high quantities of Omega-3 fats, and is at the top of the list of foods that burn fat.

The Farm-Raised vs. Wild Salmon Question

We know that wild salmon has all of this nutritional value, and also a few that were not cited.  But nearly all of us, unless we will eat canned Alaskan salmon, will eat farm cultivated fish.  So does this farm raised salmon answer the question: is salmon healthy?  So let’s take a look at how the two varieties differ nutritionally, and will we be getting all of the nutritional value from farm raised salmon that we think we get.  But first, we will deal with the contamination issue of farm grown product.

Salmon Nutritional Facts Regarding Contamination

Contamination. High levels of Polychlorinated biphenyls, more commonly known as PCBs, are found in farmed salmon but not in wild product.  These PCBs are potentially damaging to humans, but just how damaging depends on the amount that enter the body, your sensitivity to them, your length of exposure, and if they were combined with other chemicals.  Scientific tests have found they originate in fish meal.

salmon nutritional facts

Because farm raised salmon still provide huge health benefits, are there ways short of not eating this product that we can reduce our risk?  Health experts say there are things we can do.  First, most of the contaminants will be contained in the skin or fat of the fish.  Eliminate these as much as you can.  Grill or broil the fish to help lower or eliminate the problematic fat.  And finally, substitute into your diet more canned wild salmon.

salmon nutritional facts Nutrional Differences With Regards to Salmon Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Differences. Mostly because of the variations in the lifestyles of the two types of fish, wild salmon are much leaner in fat.  Studies done by the U.S. Department of agriculture reveal that wild salmon have 20% less fat content and 20% higher protein content as opposed to farm cultivated salmon.  However, farm raised salmon have been found to have a greater content of omega-3 fats. However, they’re less usable, and this gets a bit complicated.

Totally Salmon Cookbook

Totally Salmon Cookbook

Farm raised salmon also have much higher levels of omega-6 fats.  But our body needs conversion enzymes to convert the omega-3s and the omega-6 fats into the forms are body can make use of.  When farm salmon is consumed, many of these enzymes are used to convert the less helpful omega-6s, bypassing and not using many of the omega-3s.  When we consume wild salmon, we get less omega-3s but they are used by our bodies much more efficiently.

This of course is not to have you remove salmon from your plan, as it is still a highly nutritious food.  But we should be aware of certain potentially dangerous health issues involved with farm raised salmon. It should be noted that the contaminant levels that are found in farm raised fish are well under the federal government rules.  Environmental Protection Agency guidelines are by far the strictest, and PCB levels are a bit less than their requirements.  This means that by government standards we are safe; just keep in mind the possible risks.


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What Are Healthy Nuts- Which Are the Best

What Are Healthy Nuts to Add to Your Diet

When we ask what are healthy nuts, we can rank their health benefits in several ways.  We would probably rank them by their density of protein, fiber content, calcium, vitamins E and the B vitamins.  Then we must take into account their saturated fat content.  The fact is, these natural products are loaded with nutrition, but also have high calorie content, meaning you shouldn’t eat them in mass quantities.  They go perfect as a healthy snack, and if you are looking for something to snack on, they may be the perfect choice.

What Are Healthy Nuts

Go Nuts

Nuts are a great fitness food, as along with their nutritional benefits noted above, they have cholesterol reducing fats.  Even though they are high in calories, they are filling, so it is easier to reduce the amount you eat.  They are fat burners and have shown they can help reduce the risk of heart attack.

The List of What Are Healthy Nuts Start With Almonds

1.    Almonds. The almond will rank at or near the top whenever nutritionists answer the question what are healthy nuts.  70% of their fat is monounsaturated, which means it is great for reducing cholesterol.  And that is what we need to keep our arteries clear.  The elevated fiber in almonds helps in averting colon problems, although this fiber causes some people to have issues digesting them.  Some of their other benefits are copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and the important antioxidants selenium and vitamin E.

2.    Walnuts. A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts will promote heart health and give anti-inflammatory benefits.  They rank at the top of all nuts in antioxidant features.  Finally, there was a study that found they had better ability of reducing unhealthy cholesterol in the arteries than olives, and with fewer calories.

3.    Peanuts and soybean nuts. These are technically not nuts, but legumes, but we tend to think of them and consume them as nuts, and they are very nutritious.  Soybeans perhaps have as much or more nutritional value as any nut, but for most people aren’t really exciting o eat.  Therefore to get the most out of them look to add them to cooking or consume them in other forms.

what are healthy nuts4.    Chestnuts. They have less protein than most nuts, but other than that have similar nutritional value.  The reason we rank them high is because they contain about 10% or the fat of other nuts, so you can eat more of them.

5.    Brazil nuts. Selenium is what Brazils have to offer, as well as other nutrients.  This is a robust antioxidant that is great at neutralizing free radicals, but has also been linked to being a mood enhancer.

6.    Pecans. Recently pecans have shown to appreciably lesson cholesterol in the blood, which is a cause of elevated blood pressure.  It has always been known source of nineteen vitamins and minerals, so pecans make our list of what are healthy nuts.

7.    Cashews.  These nuts are high in magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and biotin, these nuts by most people’s account probably taste the best.  Because of this people may have a tendency to overindulge in cashews, and we have been advised that you can be loading up on fat.  It’s true it is hard to stop eating them, but they have less fat than most kinds of nuts, plus 65% o the fat is fats that are unsaturated.

So what are the ones you should eat?  The answer is, all of them.  Like fruits and vegetables, it is best to consume a wide variety of them in order to get the most out of their nutritional value.


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Fiber Rich Foods- Both Soluble and Insoluble Kinds

The Difference in Fiber Rich Foods

Bananas are an Excellent Source of Fiber

To put together a well-rounded diet, one of the most important aspects is understanding what will be on the list of fiber rich foods.  To get a better understanding of fiber for the diet, we should further break it down to soluble and insoluble fiber.   Each is important in its own right, and each will have its own effect on our system.  Plus the importance of fiber has been well-documented: The American Dietetic Association says that we should be eating a minimum of 20-35 grams of fiber a day (depending on a person’s daily calories), which is about twice what is actually consumed on average.

What Are Some of the Soluble Fiber Rich Foods

A key as to what soluble fiber does for us is to create useful bacteria that assist in the digestive process.  Some our most crucial health dangers people face are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes.  All of these could be curbed or prevented by consuming more soluble fiber in our diet.  It is abundant in plant food, and is most prevalent in whole grains, beans and other legumes, potatoes, apples, carrots, berries, broccoli and bananas.  Why these foods are so significant to your diet program are their prebiotic nature, which increases the bacterial development in the intestines.

Fiber Facts; Get the Truth Concerning Dietary Fiber

Fiber Facts; Get the Truth Concerning Dietary Fiber

This will provide even greater nutritional value to the food you eat, as the bloodstream will be allowed to soak up a greater percentage of the nutrients in your diet.  Soluble fiber, as the name suggests, absorbs water, thus forming a gel.  This moves the food through your system slower, making you feel full for a longer period of time.  It also will have a stabilizing effect on your sugar levels, and therefore insulin.

Insoluble Fiber Rich Foods Are Crucial for Proper Digestion

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, has as its main job to keep food moving through the digestive tract before it is finally removed from the body as waste. This fiber does not dissolve in water, so will move through the digestive system intact.  It will speed the passage of food through the intestines.  Its effect is to properly cleanse the digestive system, and has been called the gut-healthy fiber.

We have many sources of insoluble fiber, such as green beans, dark leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cabbage, grapes, cucumbers, zucchini, barley, nuts, seeds, carrots, onions,  broccoli, celery, brown rice,  whole wheat and grains, and wheat bran.  There are many choices, and by eating a variety of these sources of fiber you should be in good condition with your digestive system. Look for foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet recipes for a broad-base diet of these great foods.

fiber rich foodsInsoluble Fiber Rich Foods Are Crucial for Proper Digestion

Both types of fiber are not digested, and therefore will not be absorbed into the blood.  They are not used for energy, but they are a crucial part to the digestive process of other foods. You have probably already guessed that balance of these two types of fibers will be important.

High soluble fiber foods if eaten in great quantities could cause gas.  When this happens, try to get a better balance with your diet with more insoluble fiber foods, such as cereals, apples, and grains.  And drinking larger amounts of water will help.  But unless you’re looking for a specific health benefit, try eating a variety of soluble and insoluble fibers to gain all the health benefits.

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Fat Burning Foods- the Cornerstone of Your Weight Loss Diet

Fat Burning Foods- They Help You Lose Weight

Adding fat burning foods to your diet will help increase your metabolic rate, which will have the effect of burning fat away.  Some of the characteristics of these types of foods are that they will be high in vitamin C, fiber and protein.  Adding these foods to your eating plan would mean basing your diet on vegetables and fruits, lean meat and fish, and other foods that have small amounts of sugar and carbohydrates and use fats that are unsaturated as much as possible.  These negative calorie foods are a major part of the diet from the Mediterranean.

fat burning foods

Fat Burning Foods

Are There Really Such a Thing as Fat Burning Foods?

It may just be a matter of semantics to call them fat burning foods, but the important thing is they generally have fewer calories.  If we can keep our bodies metabolism revved up with a diet and exercise program, the fat will come off.  That is really what a  diet that burns fat is all about.  So call them fat burning foods or any other name you wish, they are the foundation of what will lead to weight loss.

Back in the 1970s we heard a lot about sugar being our diet’s major enemy.  In time, fat became the culprit, but now there is more talk of sugar again, and for good reason. When sugar is consumed, insulin is released, and those sugars become glucose and are absorbed in the cells of the body.  This is vital for us to function.  Insulin is necessary, and without it the cells would starve, we would lose energy, and we couldn’t grow and regenerate.

Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life

Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life

Our cells are enclosed by a casing that protects them, and oxygen can pass through this membrane rather easily. But bigger molecules like glucose must be assisted by insulin. So to permit insulin to accomplish its task, we must give our bodies the fat burning foods that keep insulin from spiking.  When we have insulin spikes, it sets off reactions in our body that are not healthy.

So the way fat burning foods work is to keep our insulin ranges from drastic fluctuations, but at the same time does not stop our body from functioning. Keeping the metabolism elevated is as key as keeping sugar levels in check. That is why some of the qualities of these foods that burn fat are those which are high in fiber and protein.

Hot Topic Today: What Is Insulin Resistance?

Foods that are abundant in fiber prevent rapid changes in blood sugar, and as a result suppress cravings, which can destroy diet plans. Protein intake is helpful as part of the fat burning foods diet, but it should be low in fat, as protein consumes calories when it is digested.

This will enhance metabolism for a longer period of time.  Foods that are elevated in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, when coupled with a well-rounded diet and exercise program, will lead to weight loss without going through starvation rituals that we have been taught was the only way.

Up-to-the-minute weight reduction methods which are according to long-term approaches aren’t determined by will power, but awareness power. Altering the way in which you eat, with less stress on how much you eat will go much farther in losing fat than compulsively counting calories or fat grams.


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Is Dark Chocolate Good for You- Quantity Is the Key

Sure It Tastes Great, but Is Dark Chocolate Good for You

Is Dark Chocolate Good for You?

The answer to this question may be the best news you will get today: is dark chocolate good for you?  The answer is yes, it is, but with some caveats which we will go into here.  You rarely buy chocolate that is pure; there are other ingredients such as sugar that bring the health benefits down.  Also, there are many types of chocolate, but we will keep on the topic of dark chocolate.  But it is one item that can fit in perfectly when you’re looking for that little treat when you have to cheat a little on your diet.

But prior to devouring large amounts of chocolate as if it were health food, be aware that it is high in natural cocoa butter and fat, as well as it being quite high in calories.  Then what will be added, like additional fats, sugars and milk will dramatically increase the caloric content.  Milk chocolate, white chocolate as well as other types have yet other ingredients that will add to the calories.  The point is, you have to be careful what chocolate you eat, and keep the amounts very restricted.

Is Dark Chocolate Good for You?  The Reason Is Catechins

The one ingredient in dark chocolate that will be good for your health is catechins.  This antioxidant is also present in milk chocolate and tea, but is far more concentrated in dark chocolate.  They are part of the family of flavonoids, and the following are some of the health benefits that you can get from them:

1.    Antioxidants.  Cancer cells in laboratory tests have been inhibited in their growth by catechins.  They  thwart free radical activity, which are the molecules that cause cell damage leading to cancer and other health problems.

2.    Mood enhancer.  The chemical serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant, are present in dark chocolate.  Serotonin will stimulate the manufacture of endorphins, a pleasure enhancer produced within the human brain, which among other things like exercise is a way to decrease stress.

Deep Dark Chocolate

Deep Dark Chocolate

3.    Protects the skin.  The flavonoids within dark chocolate increase the blood flow in the skin and improve the skin’s hydration by soaking up UV light.

4.    Reducing blood pressure.

An interesting study conducted in Great Britain found that by eating only 7.5 grams of chocolate each day, the dangers of heart attack and stroke dropped 39% compared to those who consumed .7 grams.  Another study established that by eating moderate amounts of chocolate there was a positive influence on blood pressure.  The cause of this was attributed to the flavonoids in dark chocolate that improved the flow of blood around the brain, as decrease in blood circulation can often bring about stroke.

Just Remember to Consume in Moderation

Undoubtedly dark chocolate can bring health benefits, but it is not a case where more is better.  The advantages lie in consuming very limited amounts.  To give a visual on how much chocolate is a little bit, the uppermost quantities in the test were about one square of chocolate in a day or half of a small chocolate Easter egg in a week’s time.

So if you are consuming chocolate for medicinal purposes, it means taking this medicine in very small quantities.  Five hundred calories of chocolate is only about 100 grams, and checking your recommended calories you’ll find that is a large chunk of what you ought to be consuming on a daily basis.



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Food and Spices- Things to Know Concerning What Spices Work With Foods

Things to Know When Pairing Food and Spices

It is probably safe to say that most of us who live in western civilization have not had a great deal of cultural experience on pairing food and spices.  It’s not that we don’t enjoy spices in our food, but much of the flavorful and healthy spices we enjoy come from eastern cultures.  In London, the ethnicity is very diverse, and we are able to experience foods first hand from around the world.  Many British people will call Indian restaurants their favorite places to eat, and fortunately these foods are very healthy and fit right in with a

Some Things to Know Prior to Cooking Food and Spices

food and spices

Some of the things you should keep in mind when purchasing spices:

  •     Try grinding your spices.  As with coffee, shelf life decreases when in ground form.
  •     Toasting spices before grinding gives them optimum flavor.
  •     Store in airtight containers out of direct sunlight.
  •     Buy in small quantities, as they are best used within three months of purchase.
  •     By from an ethnic supplier rather than the supermarket

Mediterranean Diet Is Brilliant at Pairing Food and Spices

Important components of the foods in the Mediterranean diet are herbs and spices, and some of the most important are:

Capers.  They are the pickled buds from a shrub native to this area.  These are utilized with salads and sauces, as well as occasionally with lamb.
Basil.  One more of the important spices in Mediterranean cooking, it goes wonderful with cheeses, tomatoes and peppers.
Rosemary.  Used mostly in dishes with meats, particularly lamb or roast chicken, it too combines extremely well with garlic.
Sage.  It’s got a powerful, distinctive taste and will be used mostly in the company of meat, however use this cautiously.
Pepper.  There are several kinds, although black peppercorns have the boldest flavor.
Saffron.  Used through the Mediterranean but harvested predominantly within Northern Spain, in France it is used with fish stews, in Spain in the company of chicken and rice, and in Italy within risottos.

GarlicUtilized whole, sliced or crushed, it is often used in long slow-cooked foods, or raw in salads and sauces.
Mixed together with garlic, or as a garnish for tomato and rice dishes.

The Spicy Food Lover''s Bible

The Spicy Food Lover”s Bible

Some of the things to remember when combining food and spices, along with herbs are never to overwhelm the food with spices.  It is there to enhance the natural flavors of foods, not be the main course.  Another thought is to never use two very strong herbs or spices together, but match one strong and one mild flavor to compliment the dish.

When adding spices to hot food dishes, allow them to come together gradually by cooking the food at a slower rate.  Chili always tastes better when it has been allowed to blend with the spices over a longer period of time.  For cold dishes, add them to the food early in the process to give them time to intermingle with the food.

Because dry herbs and spices carry more taste than fresh, in recipes the ratios become one part powder will amount to three parts dried and eight parts fresh.  When you are doubling a recipe, do not double the amount of spice or herb, but use only 50% more.  As you have most likely noticed, we always aim to answer the query:  How can we utilize foods from the Mediterranean?  Regarding their health advantages and being a joy to consume, we think food and spices are worth promoting.


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Walnuts Health Benefits- A Great Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Nutrition Are Walnuts Health Benefits

We have been touting the health advantages of nuts lately, and here we will describe walnuts health benefits.  We were astounded that in a current survey of US adults it had been established that nearly 95% of individuals ages 19-50 didn’t consume tree nuts of any kind.  If folks had greater knowledge of the enormous health benefits of this wonderful food, possibly more of us might add it to their diet plan.  Its chief negative, that it’s high in calories, will even be discounted somewhat by the fact that tests have revealed that individuals who add nuts into their diet have not had noticeable gains in weight.

Fruit Nut Mix+Fiber+ Calcium 3oz 12 Case by Snacktrition

A Great Between-Meal Snack

Walnuts High-Fat Content Shouldn’t Be that Great a Concern

What are the causes for that?  It seems logical that when you add a high-fat food to your diet program, you will add weight.  Nuts are the exception for three reasons:

1.    Nuts fill you up, and you feel like eating less at subsequent meals and snacks.

2.    Your system does not absorb the fat content of nuts, but passes it through.

3.    Nuts increase metabolism, yet another of walnuts health benefits.

So if you replace high-fat, less-nourishment foods as part of your diet with nuts, you should lose weight as long as you keep your portions under control.  There have been analyses which back this up.  Your recommended intake for walnuts, for example, should be approximately 1.5 oz per day, or about 20 walnut halves.

Walnuts Health Benefits Require It to be Your Favorite Snack Food

Accordingly whenever you look for the healthiest nuts, walnuts rank next to the very best in total good health values.  They are rich in fiber, B nutrients, magnesium in addition to antioxidants, and stand out from other nuts because of their advanced levels of omega 3 fatty acids.  Here are a number of the reasons walnuts must be in your diet.

English Walnuts; What You Need To Know About Planting, Cultivating And Harvesting This Most Delicious Of Nuts

English Walnuts; What You Need To Know About Planting, Cultivating And Harvesting This Most Delicious Of Nuts

1.    Cardiovascular advantages.  Investigation has established walnuts to possess the capability to lessen LDL cholesterol in addition to total cholesterol and have a positive impact on blood quality, diminish the danger of excessive clotting, plus cutting the danger of excessive irritation.  Those factors helps to cut back the danger of stroke and heart disease.

2.    Cut down difficulties with metabolic syndrome.  This isn’t as much as one ailment as a conglomeration of overlapping metabolic problems like increased levels of blood pressure, obesity, excessive blood fat and not enough HDL cholesterol.  A single ounce of walnuts consumed every day for three months had been found to reduce a number of the issues, in addition for reducing belly fat.

3.    Anti-cancer benefits.  Because of walnut’s antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, investigation has revealed it to have high amounts of anti-cancer benefits.  Chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, two of our utmost risks to promote cancer growth, had been lowered, as was breast and prostate cancer risk when somewhat sizable amounts of walnuts were eaten.

4.    Type 2 diabetes care.  Even though diabetes is a difficulty with blood sugar management and insulin maintenance, individuals with type 2 diabetes will be at a larger risk for cardiovascular problems.  A healtheybalanceddiet for those with diabetes ought to put walnuts within their food intake for greater cardiovascular maintenance.

5.    Additional possible benefits.  Considerable quantities of walnuts have shown some evidence of higher bone stability, along with the anti-inflammatory nutritional value found with this nut has had a favorable affect on people with obesity.  As pointed out previously, when walnuts and other nuts are substituted for foods which are high in saturated fats, such as meat and cheese, and you are able to keep your consumption in moderation, there is an good chance you may see a reduction in weight.

Walnuts health benefits as well as other nuts could be a great help for many ailments, along with keeping liverissues under control.  Watch the video below for more information on why nuts should be in your diet.


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Health Benefits of Cinnamon- One Our Oldest Spices but One of Our Best

These Are  the Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of our oldest known spices, but for centuries the health benefits of cinnamon have been well-known.  It’s fashioned from the bark from the small cinnamon tree that grows in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil.  But of those four main types of cinnamon, that grown in Ceylon will be the most popular and is occasionally known as true cinnamon.  It sets the model for the spice.

Like most spices, medical analysis for cinnamon is still being made.  Several of the areas where research has demonstrated a positive result are:

Here Are Six Health Benefits of Cinnamon

1.    Diabetes.  Studies up to now are small for the health benefits of cinnamon on blood sugar.  Indications are that using cinnamon in limited quantities has helped control diabetes, but right now it is unwise to depend on cinnamon instead of their prescribed medicine.  Incorrectly treating diabetes could cause serious issues, like kidney disease, stroke and heart disease.

2.    Anti-inflammatory qualities.  Inflammation in the interior tissues of the organs prompted by fried, fatty or processed foods can lead to heart disease.  Cinnamon can be a potential ally in preventing to decrease this irritation.  Andrew Weil, M.D. in his book Natural Health, Natural Medicine, writes, “A growing consensus among cardiologists pinpoints abnormal inflammation in artery walls as a root cause of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.”

3.    Helps you to avoid colon cancer.  Cinnamon is a truly fiber-rich food, and can be an exceptional supply of dietary fiber.  It also has calcium, and this combination may help eliminate bile, thus preventing harm to colon cells and then aids with reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Cinnamon, Spice, & Warm Apple Pie

Cinnamon, Spice, & Warm Apple Pie

4.    Fighting yeast infections and stomach ulcers.  Preliminary reviews have shown cinnamon to hold antifungal, antiparasitic and antibacterial qualities.  Those qualities are found to fight vaginal yeast infections, oral yeast infections, head lice and stomach ulcers.

5.    An antioxidant.  Cinnamon had been established to possess the uppermost antioxidant capacity in their group of plants that has cassia, laurel, avocado and sassafras.

6.    A few other  possible advantages.  A few sources assert that it lowers cholesterol, however the Mayo Clinic says there is just not sufficiently definitive evidence for supporting this claim.  There is one additional benefit which we will not spend considerable of time on, since it would be regarded as on the fringe.  But there is a belief in some cultures as to the miraculous curing effects of a blend of cinnamon and honey.  There is no credible medical evidence to support this.  As said previously, most of the possible health advantages of cinnamon are still to be confirmed with long-term scientific analysis.

The Health Benefits of Cinnamon Comes with Some Caution

Cinnamon unquestionably has a distinctive essence that creates a great compliment for food, and is one of the great marriages of spices with food.  But there are things to be aware of regarding the health benefits of cinnamon.  Cassia cinnamon, which will be the kind that you will generally buy in a grocery store, naturally contains a compound known as coumarin.  When used in high doses it can harm the liver.  Additionally, it may have a blood thinning consequence.  The jury is still out on the medical benefits cinnamon brings, but used in limited amounts it should be an important component of your diet.


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Whey Protein Side Effects- Grounds for Worry or Nothing to Worry About

What Are Some Side Effects of Whey Protein

There seems to be little argument as to the good results whey protein can give you, but as with anything that has great benefits, the skeptic in us asks: what could be whey protein side effects?  We know that it helps in building muscle, helps battle degenerative afflictions, can help with weight reduction, and can protect the body from afflictions like hypertension and cancer. This is certainly an impressive list.  But for all the noted advantages that whey protein gives us, are there any dangers inherent on the human system?

whey protein side effects

Pure Whey 5lb Protein Stack by Champion Nutrition

4 Places of Possible Whey Protein Side Effects

1.    Possibility for osteoporosis. Although this is unverified, it’s known that high levels of protein intake can lead to an imbalance of minerals in the bones.  This could eventually lead to osteoporosis because of its effect on bone density.

2.    Kidney function. This too is somewhat circumstantial, but high protein diet programs could lead to kidney stress. It is true that these high protein diets can put a person in jeopardy of kidney stones, and in advanced cases cause kidney collapse.  The cause-and-effect relationship between whey protein and kidney issues has not been substantiated, but to be safe any high-protein diet should be used in moderation.

3.    Allergic reactions.  If you an intolerance to lactose, whey protein might create issues.  The lactose in whey protein is considerably higher than the ranges that can be tolerated with most people who are lactose intolerant.  Anything less than 2% can be tolerated by most people struggling with lactose intolerance.

whey protein side effectsPeople who find themselves with this condition may opt for whey protein isolate, which has less than 1% lactose.  Just to give you a comparison to whey protein and other dairy products, fluid milks are about 5% lactose, and lactose-reduced milk about 1.5%..  Interestingly, the higher the fat content, the lower the lactose content.

4.    Liver damage.  There has been evidence that whey protein can help in healthy liver function, and for those who are affected by liver disease or impairment from hepatitis, as it will increase glutathione levels.  Glutathione plays a part in our antioxidant defense, and people with hepatitis usually have reduced amounts.  We hasten to add, however, that will not be able to heal your liver disease.  Taken in extreme quantities could lead to further issues, and by no accounts should you use it as a substitute for any medications you are using.

There are numerous excellent uses for whey protein, and muscle-building programs are where most of their advertising seems to be directed.  Trying to find reasons not to use it were, quite frankly, not easy to find.  We always try to perform due diligence on all of the products that we write about and promote.  So often products that come in as miracle foods for our health get shot down because of side effects they may cause, and leave quicker than they came.

With whey protein side effects any dangers are in overuse, as there is unquestionably a point where this product can do harm to specific organs.  This can be the case in almost everything, however, so as with everything we preach moderation. As long as we use it in moderation whey protein will likely be very beneficial.


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Benefits of Greek Yogurt- These Advantages May Be for You

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is Much Thicker than Normal Yogurt

If you’re looking for a great source of calcium and protein, you should look into the health benefits of Greek yogurt.  But its primary benefit is its bacteria content that helps to promote digestion.  And when you opt for the low fat variety, it will truly be one of the truly  fat-burning foods.  Several studies have shown that people lose weight over their entire body, and in the hard to reduce areas of the stomach, when eating 200g of pro-biotic yogurt a day.  If you are trying to get control of your weight, try including about four tablespoons of this wonder food in your diet daily.

Greek Yogurt Rates Better than Regular Yogurt

Although yogurt is a great product, especially if it is kept simple and not loaded with a lot of additives that will do you no good, there is a type of yogurt has come into prominence recently: Greek yogurt.  So what are the specific benefits of Greek yogurt?  The following is an assessment of the nutritional differences between the two.  It would of course depend on the brand of yogurt you use, but this will be based on 8 oz. portion sizes:

1.    Protein.  Non-fat Greek yogurt 24g.  Low fat plain yogurt 9.5g.
2.    Calcium.  Non-fat Greek yogurt 27%.  Low fat plain yogurt 34%.
3.    Calories.  Non-fat Greek yogurt 134 calories.  Low fat plain yogurt 114 calories.

Cooking with Yogurt: The Complete Cookbook for Indulging with the World''s Healthiest Food

Cooking with Yogurt: The Complete Cookbook for Indulging with the World”s Healthiest Food

How they’re made is the reason for these differences.  They are both created by fermenting milk using live bacteria cultures.  Is what gives Greek yogurt its thicker consistency is it is strained to eliminate the liquid whey.  This straining process is why Greek yogurt loses some of its calcium content.

So we can say that with fat free version, the health benefits of Greek yogurt will provide us the following values:

1.    Protein. Because of its greater protein content, Greek yogurt will make your stomach feel fuller and suppress your appetite for a longer period of time.

2.    Lower in carbohydrates.  When you’re attempting to avoid elevated carb foods, Greek yogurt may be your ticket.  It will normally contain half the carbohydrates of regular yogurt.
3.    Easier to digest.  And because it has fewer carbohydrates, Greek yogurt will be easier to digest.  For those who have symptoms of lactose intolerance, the lower lactose amounts will bring about a reduction of digestive issues.
4.    Sodium.  As per USDA reports, Greek yogurt will have as much as 50% less sodium than standard yogurt, but it will still give the yogurt lover a full-bodied taste experience.

It’s Up to You If become a fan of Greek Yogurt

benefits of Greek yogurt

Both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt are outstanding foods for your health, and you should see weight reduction if you opt for the low-fat varieties.  But whether you put Greek yogurt into your or not will simply depend on whether or not you like the product.  It is pretty much up to individual taste if you enjoy the thick, smooth, rich consistency of the product.

The important factor is that both varieties are good for you, and it’s important you make one of them a staple in your diet.  That will probably be the one you like the most.


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