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Best Exercises for Burning Fat- Find the One that Fits You

Best Exercises for Burning Fat

We maintain that the best exercises for burning fat are the ones that you look forward to doing.  If you can find one, or better yet a few, that you don’t have to talk yourself into doing, those are the ones you should build your workout program around.  Once you’ve settled on those, add other exercise routines to build a well-rounded regimen that works your whole body.

Aerobic Walking, the Weight-Loss Exercise: A Complete Program to Reduce Weight, Stress & Hypertension

Aerobic Walking, the Weight-Loss Exercise: A Complete Program to Reduce Weight, Stress & Hypertension

Factors in Making the Best Exercises for Burning Fat

With that in mind, here are some of the factors to build into your training:

1.  Do exercises that interest you.  You have to do these on a long-term basis, so why put yourself through drudgery every time you work out.  And it isn’t likely that you will “learn” to like them.  If you really look forward to doing anything, most of the motivational battle for doing it will be won.  Perhaps you can learn to be creative to persuade yourself to get emotionally invested in a particular workout you really need to do.  But whatever inspiration you can give yourself is okay, as long as you put the effort in.

2.  Diversity your exercises.  If you commit to one or a small number of workout routines with little variation, monotony will set in eventually and you will soon lose interest.  One piece of exercise equipment is not going to take care of all your needs (regardless of what some exercise equipment salesmen might say).  Plus, as we will cover further in the next paragraph, the best training is that which works the whole body, not just particular areas.

best exercises for burning fat

Best Exercises for Burning Fat

3.  Cross-train.  To expand on the diversity issue, cross-training will allow you to take advantage of numerous disciplines.  Seniors who take up yoga and also Bikram Yoga are examples of total routine packages that work stretching, strength exercises, flexibility and balance to bring in many disciplines to make for a healthier body.  Interval training is another that brings together low intensity interspersed with high intensity work.

4.  Pilates.  Its strong suit is for stretching and strength, although there are some devotees of Pilates that will argue that it is great for aerobics.  Obviously because multiple continuous movements are involved, it will have some aerobic benefits, but it is really an outstanding supplement for more traditional aerobic strategies.  Getting a broad-based workout routine is your best way to total fitness.

Whatever you do in the fitness center will not be nearly as effective if it isn’t combined with excellent diet.  We talk about fat-burning food, and check these foods out so you can work them into your diet.  When these foods are consumed proper amounts will provide you with increased energy, as well as build you strong lean muscles.  When you find out how a total package can do wonders for your body, those demanding workouts will put a smile on your face.



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Aerobic Training Program- Here Is How to Use It to Lose Weight

Aerobic Training Program and Weight Loss

An aerobic training program can be the best fitness option for many people.  Although we tout the weight loss advantages of high intensity workouts, here we will talk about regular cardio that is lower intensity in nature.  If you’re into aerobic training to increase metabolism, but for one reason or another just are not into the intense routines, this is a wonderful way to keeping fit. Exercises such as bicycling, swimming, step aerobics, jogging, racquetball, cross-country skiing and fast paced walking are not only good for you, but can be extremely enjoyable. At the bottom of this piece check out the workout video.

Keys to Aerobic Training Programs

Aerobic Training Program

Aerobic Training Program

Low intensity aerobic training is when you maintain your heart rate at about 60-70% of maximum heart rate.  They are designed to allow you a rather comfortable, lengthy workout for the duration of the session. Check our page for an excellent analysis of the benefits of low intensity cardio as opposed to workouts with higher intensity.

The biggest advantage to low intensity workouts is it can be done by anyone at any fitness level.  Little warm up is needed, except for perhaps some stretching, and since you will be doing them over an extended period of time, you’ll want to build into the workout anyway.  For many people these exercises may seem rather boring, but for others once they fall into a routine with something they love to do they look forward doing them.

When Is the Best Time to Do Your Cardio?

There is no “best” time to do cardio; it depends entirely on the individual.  If you’re a morning person, that is probably the time for you.  But there are some guidelines, such as don’t do your workouts on an empty stomach.  First, it doesn’t make it any fun if you’re fighting hunger pangs.  If you think that’s the way to lose fat, you’re wrong.  It’s a way to lose muscle, not fat.

Weightshaping: Body Sculpting and Human Performance: An Instruction Manual for Weight Training, Eating Behavior and Aerobic Exercise

Weightshaping: Body Sculpting and Human Performance: An Instruction Manual for Weight Training, Eating Behavior and Aerobic Exercise

There is a school of thought that aerobic training should be done in the morning.  That is when your glycogen reserves are at their lowest, and the body will go into the fat reserves quicker.  But there seems to be a lot of disagreement.  One thing everyone agrees on is never work out on an empty stomach, and always keep well hydrated.

What are Some Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss?

Trying to create enjoyable workouts will take much of the boredom and drudgery out of the process.  With some imagination and a little coaching it can be done.  So the best aerobic training is—the one you will do on a day-to-day basis. Combined with a that is full of nutrition, losing belly fat will become as natural as breathing.  Check out the three-minute video below for a great full-body workout.



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Intense Cardio Routines to Take the Weight Off the Fastest

Intense Cardio Routines vs. Low Intensity Cardio

Intense cardio routinesWhen we speak of cardio workouts, we can break them down into intense cardio routines and low intensity cardio.  When we do aerobics for weight loss, typically we will find more benefit in high intensity cardio, but for our total workout package as we will point out both will have their place.   Cardiovascular training when done in conjunction to a good diet is a sure way to lose weight if done on a consistent basis.

First, let’s define the two.  Intense cardiovascular routines will raise the heart rate by 75% or more, burning more Calories quicker, and some studies suggest will cause calorie burn to last well after your workout time is over.  Low intensity workouts will only raise the heart rate by about 50%.

Intense Aerobic Routines Take Off the Weight

When we opt for weight reduction, we will lean toward intense cardio.  With these we should be able to burn about 14 calories a minute, about twice as much as normal low intensity work.  But as mentioned earlier, these workouts have been found to burn up the calories hours after your workouts are over.    The time efficiency of the workout routines will be obvious, because you won’t be spending as much time at the fitness center to get more done, and then you will continue to reap the rewards when your watching a movie.  See the video at the bottom for more on how you can monitor heart rate.

Low Intensity Aerobics Provide Additional Benefits

intense cardio routinesBut there certainly is a place for low intensity cardio.  First of all, not everyone is physically able to partake in high intensity workouts, especially for a lengthy period of time.  Let’s say you have certain health conditions, are just starting working out, or for those getting a little older low intensity might be what you should be doing. In time, perhaps you can start introducing more intense routines into your regimen.

If our heart rate is going to determine the intensity of the cardio workout, we will have to know our targets.  Most of the workout equipment you’ll find in fitness centers will have the capability measuring your heart rate as you work.  If you are running or don’t have equipment that can monitor heart rate, our ad on the side of this article will tell you how to get one at a good price.

Here is a basic formula for determining where your heart rate should be.  First, subtract your age from the number 220, or for women 226.  Provided, then, that you are a 40 year old male, the number is 180.  For the lower side of the objective heart rate zone, multiply by 0.6.

intense cardio routines

Cardio Burn Sculpt

In our example, the low end of your target heart rate zone would be 108.  For the high end, multiply the 180 figure by 0.9 to arrive with a heart rate of 162.

A more accurate method of determining these figures for workouts will be the Karvonen Formula, which would require you to enter your resting heart rate.

Finally, provided you can, try to keep the exercises fairly brief (20 to 30 minutes) and about three to four times weekly should do the trick.  Our article on interval cardio training will give you some more information on the topic.




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Fat Burning Cardio Workouts- How Can We Make them Burn Fat

Fat Burning Aerobic Workouts to Burn Fat

How can we best optimize fat burning cardio workouts into our exercise routines for burning fat?  The situation becomes more confusing when we hear ads saying that cardio workouts are all you need for fat loss, and other opinions bring up their shortcomings, even saying they are ineffective.

Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

As with most arguments that you shouldn’t listen to, both have a small bit of truth.  Cardio workouts are extremely beneficial for losing weight, although they are no panacea.  Without a  healtheybalanceddiet, you will see limited results, so finding the right foods for your diet are vital.  A great place to start is the right diet.

So How Can Fat Loss Cardio Workouts Aid in Body Fat Loss?

First, let’s break down cardio exercises into basic categories. We use the term “aerobic workouts”, and literally it means “with air”.  These include workouts where there is oxygen continuously going to the muscle. Examples include bike riding, walking or running.

Anaerobic, meaning without air, through one part of the work out the muscle  operate without air. Sprinting and weightlifting for develop muscle that is lean would be examples of these types of exercises. You might ask (I did) how sprinting can be anaerobic, but it is.  An interesting piece on 6 Second Sprints-Aerobic or Anaerobic examines it further.  The tests described there point out that as a person does more sprints, the exercise becomes more aerobic.

Cardiovascular exercise refers to exercising the heart. Although there may be a variation of intensity, with some cardio being more intense, we use the terms “cardio” and “aerobic” as basically the same.

What Constitutes Great Fat Burning Cardiovascular Workouts?

fat burning cardio workoutsThe top fat burning cardio workouts for fat loss are the high intensity variety that you do for shorter duration. Depending on the individual, three to four times a week using thirty minute sessions will be sufficient for most people. The reasons we advocate these intense routines is because it has some calorie burning gain after you’re finished, as higher metabolism will be maintained for some period of time.

This isn’t to say there is no place for exercises of lower intensity.  Diversity should always be part of your workouts, and this longer, more systematic training can build up endurance.  But for our discussion here we will concentrate on the benefits of high-intensity training.

High Intensity, Shorter Duration is the Best Cardio

Another point to make for high intensity training is to be sure to keep them brief. The objective is intensity, not length of time.  Everyone has different stamina levels, but if anyone knows they don’t have to pace themselves through a long workout, they’ll be able to put more into it.

The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Cardio Max Weight-Loss

The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Cardio Max Weight-Loss

These high intensity workouts are meant to be demanding, so you should be prepared for a rigorous workout.  If you are not in great physical shape, get an okay from your doctor before beginning.  Utilize a trainer to get started, and be aware of how to warm up.  And finally, down lots of water.

If you are over 60 and just starting out, which is great, don’t think you’re 25 again.  You are never too old to start, as there are people that get into training that are truly elderly that have rolled back the years. But you must be sensible about it.  Exhibit some patience, and although you have probably set goals as to where you want to be, take it easy.  The whole process is a journey, not a destination.




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Exercises for the Heart

The Reasons Exercises for the Heart can Save Your Life

It is a well-known fact that cardiovascular disease is one of the major causes of death around the world. In a long-term study of the health of the people in the United States, the U.S. Public Health Service documented the probabilities of developing heart disease among various groups in the populace. They have identified some high-risk groups.  Exercises for the heart should be considered for every one of these high-risk people.

Among the highest are males over the age of 35. If they are also cigarette smokers, experience hypertension, have elevated amounts of certain fats in the blood, and in addition have a history in the family of cardio issues, these will all boost their likelihood of getting cardiovascular disease.

High-Risk Individuals Now Include Type A Personalities

Other research workers have included with this list one more risk issue: the compulsive, hard-driving, extremely anxious personality. The greater the severity, the more the individual’s overall danger. The risks with the heart may be separated into two key categories: people who are outside a person’s influence, like age, sex, and heredity, and those that will be controlled, avoided, and even eliminated. Among persons in the second category will be what cardiologists refer to as “the triple threat.” They are the high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, plus high levels of cholesterol individuals.

Then let’s say you plan to promptly get on the healthy side of the statistical ledger. The first thing to undertake at once will be to end the destructive behavior that put you in the difficulty you’re in. Stop smoking and changing your eating habits immediately will start you over the right path, but that is only a beginning. Think of what a lifetime of heart abuse has done.

Here’s How the Heart Muscles can Be Healed

Your heart is a muscle, or more accurately a group or “package” of muscle tissue, comparable in many ways with the muscles in the arms and legs. Just as exercise strengthens and improves limb muscles, it strengthens your health of your heart muscle tissues as well. To make possible the injured heart to heal physically, new small blood vessels will form to transfer the pressure off damaged blood vessels. This is known as collateral circulation. If the new system takes on a sufficient amount of the function of the damaged or narrowed vessels, a heart attack might be averted. Some studies showed that moderate working out several times a week is more effective in constructing these secondary pathways than a high intensity workout done as often.

Ever since the Second World War, several large-scale statistical studies have evaluated the relationship between physical activity and cardiovascular disease.  A well-known survey compared 31,000 drivers and conductors of some bus companies. The more sedentary drivers had a considerably elevated degree of heart disease than the conductors, who walked around the buses and climbed stairs to the upper level. There are several other fields of study that back up this data.

The overall rule is that working out helps reduce the danger of damage with the heart. Some researches further confirmed the connection with working out and a fit heart from these findings: non-exercisers had a 49% higher danger of heart attack as opposed to the other people incorporated within the study. The research attributed a third of the risk to sedentary habits alone.  Hence, with employing the interval aerobic training, you can absolutely get positive results not only in areas relating to your cardio system but on the overall status of your quality of life as well.

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Anxiety with Exercise

Ways to Deal with Anxiety with Exercise

Anxiety will be something that won’t ever totally go away in pretty much everyone’s life.  Even for people in retirement living out the “golden years”, there’s always something to get stressed about.  For even those fortunate few who have financial peace of mind, overall health and a close family, they’ll probably worry about and concern themselves with how they can assist their family.  It really makes no sense to attempt to eradicate stress, but there are plenty of things we can do to deal with it prior to it consuming our life and our overall health.  Anxiety with exercise should always go hand-in-hand.

Stress isn’t a bad thing.  It is the body’s way of protecting ourselves, and these body’s defense mechanisms have already been developed as we have evolved.  When we will be anxious, hormones like cortisol are released through the body, enabling us to mentally and physically prep ourselves to deal with the situation.  Blood flow and heart rhythm increases and then the lungs absorb more oxygen, making our senses ready for action.

Stress Will Eventually Break Down the Immune System

However, your immune system briefly shuts down, making our protection against toxins along with other foreign intruders weakened.  There is nothing wrong with of this if it is short-term.  But if the system stays with this “high” for too much time, the immune system becomes desensitized to cortisol.  Since cortisol includes a regulatory effect on our reaction to inflammation throughout the body, things get out of hand, our immunities malfunction and we get sick.

As health-related technology examines this, the condition with chronic inflammation has been linked with a wide range of issues.  In medical conditions like dementia, cancer and heart problems we are finding just how important a role our immunity has.  It has been believed that 85% among all ailments have an emotional component to them.  Anxiety performs a function for the health issues for many individuals.

Many Coping Mechanisms do more Harm than Good

Anxiety relief without a doubt is much easier said than done in many cases.  Several of our coping elements that have traditionally been used tend to be smoking and taking antidepressants and sleep aids.  These not surprisingly are not cures but merely mask the issue, and can cause even greater medical disorders on  their own.

So what is your optimum strategy to treat anxiety and keep us in a healthy condition as we age?  Finding these release valves that are right  for you will be key.  We’ll never be able to eliminate stress entirely, yet everyone’s body has built-in resources to compensate for these stress-interrelated situations.  Regular exercise is the best release, and everybody ought to make every effort to do something physical.

Every exercise is great to alleviate anxiety.  It will get the feel-right  endorphins in motion and takes the mind from your challenges, at any rate for a time.  It is able to lessen the stress hormone described earlier: cortisol.  Additionally it does allow us to sleep at night, which in its own is a fantastic anxiety reducer as it enables our bodies some time to recuperate and regroup.  Some other superb approaches that so many have learned for anxiety control can be laughing, doing yoga, meditation and religious faith.

Yoga Three Part Breath from Dawn Productions on Vimeo.

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