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Best Exercises for Burning Fat- Find the One that Fits You

Best Exercises for Burning Fat

We maintain that the best exercises for burning fat are the ones that you look forward to doing.  If you can find one, or better yet a few, that you don’t have to talk yourself into doing, those are the ones you should build your workout program around.  Once you’ve settled on those, add other exercise routines to build a well-rounded regimen that works your whole body.

Aerobic Walking, the Weight-Loss Exercise: A Complete Program to Reduce Weight, Stress & Hypertension

Aerobic Walking, the Weight-Loss Exercise: A Complete Program to Reduce Weight, Stress & Hypertension

Factors in Making the Best Exercises for Burning Fat

With that in mind, here are some of the factors to build into your training:

1.  Do exercises that interest you.  You have to do these on a long-term basis, so why put yourself through drudgery every time you work out.  And it isn’t likely that you will “learn” to like them.  If you really look forward to doing anything, most of the motivational battle for doing it will be won.  Perhaps you can learn to be creative to persuade yourself to get emotionally invested in a particular workout you really need to do.  But whatever inspiration you can give yourself is okay, as long as you put the effort in.

2.  Diversity your exercises.  If you commit to one or a small number of workout routines with little variation, monotony will set in eventually and you will soon lose interest.  One piece of exercise equipment is not going to take care of all your needs (regardless of what some exercise equipment salesmen might say).  Plus, as we will cover further in the next paragraph, the best training is that which works the whole body, not just particular areas.

best exercises for burning fat

Best Exercises for Burning Fat

3.  Cross-train.  To expand on the diversity issue, cross-training will allow you to take advantage of numerous disciplines.  Seniors who take up yoga and also Bikram Yoga are examples of total routine packages that work stretching, strength exercises, flexibility and balance to bring in many disciplines to make for a healthier body.  Interval training is another that brings together low intensity interspersed with high intensity work.

4.  Pilates.  Its strong suit is for stretching and strength, although there are some devotees of Pilates that will argue that it is great for aerobics.  Obviously because multiple continuous movements are involved, it will have some aerobic benefits, but it is really an outstanding supplement for more traditional aerobic strategies.  Getting a broad-based workout routine is your best way to total fitness.

Whatever you do in the fitness center will not be nearly as effective if it isn’t combined with excellent diet.  We talk about fat-burning food, and check these foods out so you can work them into your diet.  When these foods are consumed proper amounts will provide you with increased energy, as well as build you strong lean muscles.  When you find out how a total package can do wonders for your body, those demanding workouts will put a smile on your face.



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