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A Beginner Workout Schedule- When, Where and How

Points to Consider for a Beginner Workout Schedule

If you seriously want to get into a fitness plan, but are brand new at it, you’ll first want to break in with a beginners workout schedule.  Or if you just want to test the fitness waters, so to speak.  You want to start in with something that will increase your metabolism, but you want to ease into it a bit.  So how do you get stated?  A lot of factors will go into your course of action, including a  proper diet plan.  So allow us to give a few tips on how to start off, and stay on a correct beginner workout schedule.  When your finished, see our homepage of our site

Your Workout Schedule Starts with the Right Attitude

Beginner Workout ScheduleThis is not the Olympics you’re training for, and if that’s your goal you are on the wrong page. If you’re just getting started you will want to evaluate all that is available, and choose something that you think will hold your interest.  We want to get into activities that we’ll do on a repeated basis.

Then you will want to do a program that fits within your lifestyle.  If it calls for a lifestyle transformation, be ready to commit to that.  You will have to set aside so much time for the activity, and look at it as YOUR time.  The American Heart Association recommends a minimum of thirty minutes of moderately intense aerobic workouts at least three times per week.  However, it is possible to attain benefits if you can’t commit to that much time.

beginner workout schedule

A Sample Beginner Workout Schedule Plan

If you’re over 45 and looking to get into some fat-burning exercise, you should have a health checkup first to be certain you are in good enough physical shape to get started.  This should be done periodically anyway.  If you do have a physical disorder, you will want to know about it and plan accordingly.  It certainly doesn’t preclude you from an exercise program, and will probably help you.

Then establish your fitness goals.  Make them reasonable, concise and clear.  So often people get involved in a workout schedule that is overly aggressive, either from a time standpoint or a workload that they are not capable of handling.  When things don’t work out, they become discouraged because they fall behind or sustain a nagging injury, and quit.  Just remember, you are in it for the long haul, so have some patience and see it as a long-term journey.

A Beginner Workout Schedule Should be at the Same Time of Day

Are you a morning person?  That is probably the time of day to schedule your fitness routines.  Choose a comparable time every day you do your workout, as it will help get your body into a routine.

Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition

Cut Thru The Crap of Exercise and Fat-Loss Nutrition

Experts agree that the most comprehensive training will involve cardiovascular workouts, flexibility exercises and developing lean muscle.  That will give your body the diversity it needs to get a total workout, and at the same time give certain areas of the body a break. Then settle on where you will do most of your working out.  If you are going to run or jog a particular route, determine the distance and time you want to accomplish the run.

Going to a fitness center or other type of workout facility is a good place to train, not only because of the equipment but you know when you walk in that it is your place of business.  Your mind and body will be ready to go when you walk in the door.  But there are workouts that can be done at home, using free weights, perhaps a treadmill and exercise ball along with workout DVDs.  Wherever you decide, make it the best place for you to put it all together. We have some good information on our website with regards to the top ways to put it all together.


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