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Aerobic Training Program- Here Is How to Use It to Lose Weight

Aerobic Training Program and Weight Loss

An aerobic training program can be the best fitness option for many people.  Although we tout the weight loss advantages of high intensity workouts, here we will talk about regular cardio that is lower intensity in nature.  If you’re into aerobic training to increase metabolism, but for one reason or another just are not into the intense routines, this is a wonderful way to keeping fit. Exercises such as bicycling, swimming, step aerobics, jogging, racquetball, cross-country skiing and fast paced walking are not only good for you, but can be extremely enjoyable. At the bottom of this piece check out the workout video.

Keys to Aerobic Training Programs

Aerobic Training Program

Aerobic Training Program

Low intensity aerobic training is when you maintain your heart rate at about 60-70% of maximum heart rate.  They are designed to allow you a rather comfortable, lengthy workout for the duration of the session. Check our page for an excellent analysis of the benefits of low intensity cardio as opposed to workouts with higher intensity.

The biggest advantage to low intensity workouts is it can be done by anyone at any fitness level.  Little warm up is needed, except for perhaps some stretching, and since you will be doing them over an extended period of time, you’ll want to build into the workout anyway.  For many people these exercises may seem rather boring, but for others once they fall into a routine with something they love to do they look forward doing them.

When Is the Best Time to Do Your Cardio?

There is no “best” time to do cardio; it depends entirely on the individual.  If you’re a morning person, that is probably the time for you.  But there are some guidelines, such as don’t do your workouts on an empty stomach.  First, it doesn’t make it any fun if you’re fighting hunger pangs.  If you think that’s the way to lose fat, you’re wrong.  It’s a way to lose muscle, not fat.

Weightshaping: Body Sculpting and Human Performance: An Instruction Manual for Weight Training, Eating Behavior and Aerobic Exercise

Weightshaping: Body Sculpting and Human Performance: An Instruction Manual for Weight Training, Eating Behavior and Aerobic Exercise

There is a school of thought that aerobic training should be done in the morning.  That is when your glycogen reserves are at their lowest, and the body will go into the fat reserves quicker.  But there seems to be a lot of disagreement.  One thing everyone agrees on is never work out on an empty stomach, and always keep well hydrated.

What are Some Aerobic Exercises for Weight Loss?

Trying to create enjoyable workouts will take much of the boredom and drudgery out of the process.  With some imagination and a little coaching it can be done.  So the best aerobic training is—the one you will do on a day-to-day basis. Combined with a that is full of nutrition, losing belly fat will become as natural as breathing.  Check out the three-minute video below for a great full-body workout.



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