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Most all of us, especially as we age, battle weight issues.  Food today is generally prepared to be sold, and that means it must taste good.  Although it doesn’t have to always be the case, it usually means that food that appeal to the taste buds take precedent over what is good for our bodies.  Plus when we eat out, the portion sizes, especially in America, are enough to feed three people very well.  On top of all that, jobs that most people have in today’s world are mentally demanding, but far from physically demanding.

All of that makes keeping our weight manageable a very difficult proposition.  When I look at strangers on the street and see how we as a people are getting heavier, and as a result less healthy, I really feel like doing something.  My name is Rich Carroll, and like most people if I don’t watch my diet and get enough exercise, I will gain weight.  As much as I love food, I know I have to eat smart, and exercise.

On this website we target issues relating to diet and exercise, which covers types of food that are healthier than others.  But more important, we will give the reasons.  It’s good to know that unsaturated fats are better for you than saturated fats, but it’s more important to know what makes them better.  As we all know, there is a whole lot of gray area in healthy food.  We try to bring out the pros and cons of every argument, and do it in such a way that the average person can understand.

I am on the mailing list of many organizations that send out information on diet and exercise.  From this information I further research the subject to formulate positions on what food is healthy, and what exercises are the best for fat reduction, and on layman’s terms.

And that brings us to a final thought:  If you like what you see on our website, we recommend you sign up for our newsletter for information which isn’t normally posted on our site.  We promise to communicate through emails information that is informative and helpful.  There is no obligation, and promise never to send out anything that would be considered spam; only information that will help you live a long and healthy life.

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