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5 Foods with Good Fat

Add these 5 Foods with Good Fat to Your Diet

A healthy diet plan is critical for a great exercise plan.  The things you eat will certainly make or break what you will accomplish with even the most thought-out and flawlessly executed exercise program.  But opposed to what many think, fats should not be eliminated if you are creating a list of health and fitness foods.  But let’s be obvious, only fats that are healthy.  Here are 5 foods with good fat that if prepared the proper way are going to deliver the goods.

Here are the Foods You should be Gunning For

1.    Natural environment salmon.  Salmon is a wonderful source of animal-based omega-3 fats, protein and antioxidants, which are all essential for nutritional fitness.  Because of the environmental pollution of a lot of of the feeding grounds of fish we must take into account the potential poisonous contamination of these fish.  This is particularly so with farm grown salmon.  A large part of the pollution concentrates in the skin and fat in the fish, so I strongly recommend under no circumstances should you eat this part of the fish.  Wild Alaskan salmon will be your best choice, and it needs to be a part of every health and fitness diet plan.

2.    Avocado.  This fruit is abundant with monounsaturated fat and is easily burned as energy.  Some people when working out use carbohydrates, which turn to sugar, and that is where we put on the surplus body fat.  Folks generally devour far too many carbohydrates, and biologically though they are essential our requirements are met with very small amounts.  Plus present day western diet is heavy with carbohydrates.  When you limit carbs like we ought to, they should be supplanted with good quality fat like avocado.  Additionally they contain high amounts of potassium and low in fructose.

3.    Eggs.  Particularly if the eggs are free-range, they have healthy saturated fats plus cholesterol.  This along with the fact that it is a great source of protein makes it an excellent workout food product.  An additional factor for their yield in health benefits relates to the way you cook any eggs.  It’s found that the more they’re cooked the less antioxidants they’re going to have.

4.    Chicken.  Again, much like almost all nutritious natural food products, how they are prepared will affect the nutritional value.  Chicken breast will be the leanest, and its loaded with high-quality protein as well as essential amino acids used for muscle development and renovation.  But it can only be the breast meat alone.  Comparing the chicken breast meat when it is roasted as opposed to the meat along with skin, particularly if batter-fried, fat content increases about six times.  And it goes without saying this is not the healthy fat we are after.

5.    Coconut oil.  Simple carbohydrates are typically what we seek for instant energy, with as stated earlier give too many negative effects.  Coconut oil has been the richest source of healthy fatty acids, referred to as MCFSs, that nature has to offer.  Half the fat content in coconut oil is lauric acid, which has unique health promoting properties.  Coconut oil is a more healthy quick-energy option in comparison with carbs and sugar.

People have had the impression that if you consume fat it will turn into fat on your body.  This may be the case with the wrong types of fats, or convenient processed foods that aren’t actually food in the strict sense.  Eating foods that are as close to their natural state as is possible will yield the most effective health and fitness payback.

Good Fat Bad Fat: Or How To Lose Weight By Eating Fat from FoodRenegade on Vimeo.

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