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Healthy Aging to include a Proper Diet Plan with Exercise


A Proper Diet Plan Should Include a Comprehensive Diet and Exercise Agenda

Is it possible to have a proper diet plan which includes fitness exercise that will not require a great deal of sacrifice? The benefits for aging healthy are obvious to most people; however most people unfortunately see it as an all-or-nothing thing.  On this site we will demonstrate how it is possible to have a proper diet plan that will effectively control weight, prevent many of the common illnesses that afflict our society, and just as importantly won’t require a great deal of sacrifice.  In other words, we will talk about diet and exercise plans that will be able to fit into anyone’s normal lifestyle, which only work long-term for most people.

And what are some of the things we will talk about? We will talk about types of food that have been known to be fat-burners. We will talk about true lifestyle changes that are easy to implement but will make us feel more healthy and fit. What exercises can you use that are proven fat-burners and you can do them in a fraction of the time as traditional aerobic exercise?  These are just a few of the things we will be covering.

Taking a Holistic Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

 According to Webster, holistic is “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts.” A healthy diet should never be just about taking various foods away, but more importantly adding those necessary nutrients that in today’s age have become deficient.

There are an entire range of foods that people neglect because they have gotten out of the habit of using them. And as we will find many of these foods were staples in many diets even when food was in short supply, but they kept people healthy. We will explain what these foods are and why we should introduce them back into our holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. The best therapies are those that assist the body in healing rather than only suppressing symptoms. And only using a comprehensive diet plan as the cornerstone of your total health program can you hope to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Five Simple Solutions to Improved Disease Prevention

Below are 5 approaches that if we put each into our lifestyle on a daily basis any of us would greatly improve our health long-term.

1.         Try intermittent fasting.  This may be the real up-and-coming solution as we deal with modern health issues. This is a strategy to help shift our bodies from using sugar and carbohydrates as a primary energy to burning fat as its fuel.  And although the term fasting often conjures up bad thoughts for many people, it really is not that hard.  You simply allow more time to pass between your last food in the day and your initial food the following day. Twelve hours is absolutely the minimum time, but it really will be more effective the longer you can go (up to 16 hours) the more fat you will burn. It will be pretty easy if you just need your final meal of the day a bit earlier.

2.         Drink pure water.  Without a doubt water is our most important food.  It is great for flushing toxins from the body because the longer these toxins reside in us the more difficult they are to get out. Water is essential to cleanse the kidneys, liver and also the bloodstream.  Also don’t forget the water you shower with.  If you drink unclean water your system has a fighting chance to filter impurities through your digestive system, though even that has its limits.  But skin and lungs can also absorb a lot of toxins if exposed to bad air or tainted water.

3.         High intensity exercise (HIIT). Aerobic exercise, such as peddling on a reclining bike is better than nothing. But the real health payback for your exercise time will come with high intensity training.  The health benefits you can get with high intensity training offer a great deal more than normal cardio, and you will get them in much less time. With only two or three 20 minute periods weekly it is found that there are more fat burning benefits than with over three times the low intensity cardio that many people are into.  If you’re not knowledgeable about high intensity exercise, consider it as there is ever-mounting research regarding how good it is for your health.

4.        Don’t eliminate all fats, but at health fats into your regular diet.  Fats remain a required part of the diet plan; they aren’t the “four-letter” word we perhaps have read about.  However you need to recognize what fats are going to be good for your health.  That long ago many people looked at that as something that went directly attached to the body. But healthy fats play a vital part in the metabolic process.  Additionally most healthy diets will try to scale back carbohydrates, and when you do this you must substitute these non-vegetable carbs with healthful fats.  These can be provided from foods such as olive oil and olives, nuts, avocados in addition to cold-water fish including salmon.

5.         Regularly get quality sleep. Granted, the amount of sleep which is required is decidedly personal, but most people will require around seven to eight hours of good slumber each night.  Many times we hear of people who say they only need three or four hours of sleep a night and they appear in good physical shape.  We have also been told of folks that smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and appear healthy, until their health crashes.  Poor sleep is related with gaining weight, diabetes and danger of heart disease and cancer. Furthermore, recent studies are finding that people who experienced inadequate sleep when they’re younger have many more age-related diseases.

Finally, don’t Punishing Yourself

When you follow a proper diet and exercise plan, you should never choose one that that advertises extreme weight loss. In addition to putting your body at risk, they do not allow your system to naturally relieve the body of fats and toxins that are the root cause of the problem.

The types of foods that we advocate are natural fat burning foods.  Being able to prepare them in the home will give you more control over your diet than if you eat out on a regular basis.  But if you don’t like to cook or don’t have time, may we suggest meal delivery plans for some excellent options.




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